About Steve Nadon

Steve Nadon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his fourth year studies in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University. Steve is passionate about the interactive arts and literature, with writing providing a professional outlet and escape for everything he finds interesting. This is his third year working with The Brock Press.

Game Review: Halo 5: Guardians

343 Studios hasn’t started off too well in their engagement with the Halo franchise since Halo creators, Bungie Studios, relinquished command. 343’s first game was a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, w...

What happens on Snapchat ends up on Reddit

Every few months a scandal arises over social media about changes coming to the Facebook privacy settings — which end up being false 99 per cent of the time. Ultimately, what this tells us is that, l...
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DIY: No space? No problem!

Stacked plastic shelves We all have them – the cheap, plastic see-through organizers that seemed to be ‘too good of a deal to pass up’ when walking through Wal-mart’s furnishings aisle. They’re cheap...