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Steve Nadon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his fourth year studies in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University. Steve is passionate about the interactive arts and literature, with writing providing a professional outlet and escape for everything he finds interesting. This is his third year working with The Brock Press.
Photo Credit: Sputnik News Agency and Radio

Attacks on Paris leave at least 40 dead

Breaking: Paris, France – On Friday November 13, a mass shooting leaves 35 dead, with the possibility of many more casualties following suicide bombers and explosions around the 10th and 11th a...
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Spectre is Daniel Craig’s fourth run in the iconic role of James Bond and, even in this iteration, Craig manages to maintain a strong on-screen presence. While Spectre doesn’t seem to add as many fre...

The poppy is not a symbol of war

Symbols are snowballs that gather up meaning as they roll through the social consciousness, gaining connotations and connections to concepts and ideas and discourses they were never meant to. The pop...