About Steve Nadon

Steve Nadon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his fourth year studies in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University. Steve is passionate about the interactive arts and literature, with writing providing a professional outlet and escape for everything he finds interesting. This is his third year working with The Brock Press.

Small budgets, big ideas, big screen

January 21, the RenderThis Film Festival took over Landmark Theatres and replaced the usual Hollywood blockbusters for a more intimate and profound cinema experience. The festival’s main event was a ...

Film Review: Ride Along

A film’s ability to surprise is always shocking to me, from Shutter Island and Inception-style psycho-revelations to a surprising amount of soul and attention such as In Bruges. Thankfully however, f...

Hibernation is over: a winter guide

There’s no question that the snow and ice of late has done its job in depressing every Brock University student. Unfortunately, I see no realistic way to skip the rest of this winter, so we might as ...