About Steve Nadon

Steve Nadon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his fourth year studies in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University. Steve is passionate about the interactive arts and literature, with writing providing a professional outlet and escape for everything he finds interesting. This is his third year working with The Brock Press.

Video Game Review: Far Cry Primal

When the Ubisoft swirl comes on screen, a lot of expectations flare up inside a gamer’s head. Unfortunately for Ubisoft, none of these expectations are particularly positive. The Canadian developer t...
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Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

Millennials are hardened, battle-scarred and savvy. We’ve received fake Pokemon cards in school-yard trades, we bought fake Beats headphones, we’ve been tricked into downloading a few too many viruse...

Video Game Review: Rocket League

Rocket League has taken the e-gaming world by storm since its release last year on the PC. Now, the developers at Psyonix have brought the physics-based soccer-with-cars game to consoles, and have co...