About Steve Nadon

Steve Nadon is the Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his fourth year studies in the Concurrent Education Program at Brock University. Steve is passionate about the interactive arts and literature, with writing providing a professional outlet and escape for everything he finds interesting. This is his third year working with The Brock Press.
Brittany Brooks/ The Brock Press

BUSU launches free Student Legal Clinic

Sept. 30 marked the first session of BUSU’s newest initiative — the Student Legal Clinic. This clinic is designed to help provide students with legal help, such as providing next-steps and discussion...
Photos by Mary Perino- Brock Press

Fed Up will go to referendum in October

On Sept. 30, the second Brock University Student Administrative Council (BUSAC)  meeting of the academic year, councillors and voting members unanimously decided to send the newly incorporated “...

Black Mass Film Review

The latest film in a somewhat disappointing spell for Johnny Depp is Scott Cooper’s Black Mass. The only award that’ll be handed out in regards to this film is to any audience-member who can survive ...