About Stephen Chartrand

Stephen Chartrand is a third year political science major, hopeful journalist and author. He started out as Specialty News editor for the Brock Press last year and is currently the editor of External News. Stephen is a regular political junkie whose interests span everything from municipal politics in Niagara to geopolitics and political theory. An avid reader, writer and activist, Stephen is also working on a book of political theory he hopes to publish shortly after he finishes his studies at Brock University.

Getting out of Syria will not end the war

The day after the Paris attacks that took the lives of 129 people, the Islamic State released a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. France was warned that so long as the country continu...

The case for getting rid of tenure

I think George Orwell was more right than he knew when he wrote in his 1936 novel Keep the Aspidistra Flying that money was the ‘new faith’. It was this new and emerging ethos that a young Gordon Com...