About Sozanny Chea

Hello! I’m Sozanny, a professional administrator and communicator with a passion for building relationships. I love all avenues of communications: marketing, public relations, events, social media, and friendly conversations. I have an eye for aesthetics + a heart for creativity. Aside from my professional life, I love cats, spending time with my Bichon Frisé x French Poodle, antique chandeliers, fresh flowers, discovering new wines, minimalism, Starbucks, beautiful typography, yoga, spinning, and reading self-help books.
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The Brocktopus: 8 #BrockU stereotypes

Like the infamous scene from Mean Girls or The Breakfast Club where it’s obvious that cliques exist, even our dear #BrockU falls victim to stereotypes and social groups. We’re obviously not say...

Bacon won’t make you fat—pasta will

Eating like a caveman to maximize your health   Contrary to popular belief, bacon and other fat-laden foods won’t make you fat—sugar, carbs, and a sedentary lifestyle will. Diets and labels ofte...