About Satbir Singh

Satbir Singh is the 2018/2019 Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his final year at Brock University in the Labour Studies program. Formerly the Sports Editor, Satbir's passion goes beyond athletics as writing has become a part of his life. This is his fifth year working with The Brock Press and third as Editor-in-Chief.
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Ease your way back into school

Returning to school can be tough for everyone. Even if you worked all summer, the idea of school sounds more dreadful than long hours and student working conditions . There’s a whole different routin...
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Reviewing the state of Brock Sports

Four years ago I wrote a piece explaining the state of Athletics at Brock University. It was a completely different time surrounding the Badgers. Not only does the department now have a handful of ne...

Editorial: Get ahead by getting involved

Heading into my fifth and (hopefully) final year at Brock University, I’ve come to learn exactly what made my experience in post-secondary as successful as it has been. The simple answer: getting inv...

What you missed: Summer news from Brock

With the start of school comes a busy time in The Brock Press newsroom. Students are back, meaning club events will pick back up, sports teams are gearing up for another run at championships and stud...