About Satbir Singh

Satbir Singh is the 2018/2019 Editor-in-Chief of The Brock Press while balancing his final year at Brock University in the Labour Studies program. Formerly the Sports Editor, Satbir's passion goes beyond athletics as writing has become a part of his life. This is his fifth year working with The Brock Press and third as Editor-in-Chief.

SIDELINES: this week in sports

For the first time in a long time I’m being given an opportunity to write about something other than basketball. For the final Sidelines of the 2017-2018 year, I’m filling in for our Sports and Healt...
Brock Tower Sunset_ Steve Nadon

Editorial: The conclusion of another year

  This is my fourth year at Brock University. It was supposed to be my last, like how it is for many others. I wanted to be done post-secondary in four years, but I have a fifth year ahead of me beca...

Badgers look ahead to post-Elgadi era

The greatest year in Brock men’s basketball history that didn’t include a U Sports national championship has come to an end. The program is coming off a season high 21-wins, a top three rank national...