The inspiring image behind Kailey Kelly’s compliment campaign/ SJC

SJC to launch compliments campaign

Compliments are often said without much thought. They are given as a simple reaction rather than a thoughtful process. However, one campus organization argues that complimenting others is an art form...
Melissa Nyamushanya standing beside one of the drop boxes in Union Station;

Melanie Pfaeffli/The Brock Press

Textbooks reused for good cause

Melissa Nyamushanya, a fourth-year student at Brock University, has been actively campaigning on campus for the organization Textbooks for Change, which takes students’ used textbooks and ships them ...
Wendy Cukier will be starting her new role as Brock’s president on Sept. 1, 2016;

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Brock appoints first alumna president

On Dec. 17, Brock announced the appointment of Wendy Cukier as its sixth president. Cukier is currently the Vice President of Research and Innovation at Ryerson University and will begin her term as ...