Switch up your quarantine playlist with these new singles

“Toosie Slide” -Drake 

TBP rating: 4 stars

“Toosie Slide” was a highly anticipated single and Drake did not disappoint listeners. The simple dance that goes along with the chorus was all over the internet prior to the drop last week. “Toosie Slide” is recognizably Drake, it had the subtle yet solid back beat that carries the song along at a good tempo. The lyrics are not anything special, but they work with Drake’s voice and the overall sound of this single. Drake’s chorus features the choreography intended to go along with the song, “It go right foot up, left foot, slide, Left foot up, right foot, slide, Basically, I’m sayin’ either way, we ’bout to slide.” This Canadian artist released a music video to accompany the single release which shows him doing the “Toosie Slide” dance and gives viewers a look into his lavish Toronto mansion. The opening scenes show Kobe Bryant’s jersey’s, which was a subtle homage to the recently deceased NBA player. The polished and tasteful music video adds a little something extra to this single release. “Toosie Slide” is simple, yet well-done. I think a viral dance challenge is exactly what the world could use right now earning this single a four star rating. 

“Who Needs Love” -Tory Lanez

TBP rating: 2 stars

Tory Lanez has been very active on Instagram lately, from holding online twerking competitions to hanging out with Drake over the platform so it was easy to forget he released a single. “Who Needs Love” is a mediocre single in every respect. Lanez’s voice had it’s normal breathy sound, but there was nothing to elevate the single. This track had no features and no distinct progression or bridge which left me bored while listening. The song’s lyrics are forgettable and do not break any rap stereotypes. This lack of excitement let this song fall into the abyss of forgettable rap singles. 

“Find My Way” -DaBaby

TBP rating: 4 stars

DaBaby has finally changed his flow with “Find My Way.” This single features a much slower tempo and flow than DaBaby fans are used to. This switch up worked well, his voice was still the star of the song and was paired with a simple, yet quality, beat. DaBaby showed some range on this track which thus far is pretty unprecedented for this artist. The simple guitar strumming featured across the track set this song apart from other recently released rap songs. DaBaby consistently releases more hard-hitting, aggressive rap but “Find My Way” was a nice switch up and showed that DaBaby is not a one-trick pony. 

“Bored In The House” -Tyga and Curtis Roach 

Curtis Roach made a TikTok of him making a short freestyle featuring the now viral lyrics “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.” Tyga heard the short video and remixed it, making the rest history. This is definitely a morale booster and would probably not exist if we were not under quarantine conditions. Either way, Roach’s viral clip was immediately recognizable on this track and seems to get funnier with every listen. Tyga’s contributions to the song were nothing special, but sounded good when paired with Roach’s unusual voice. I can only hope that when COVID-19 is studied in future history classes this single will play as a primary source sound bit.

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