St. Catharines Transit makes changes to respond to COVID-19

Photo credit: Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

Photo credit: Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

Amidst concerns about the spread of COVID-19 through public transit systems, St. Catharines Transit has decided to modify their weekday service and increase sanitary measures.

The changes, effective as of Monday, will see buses operating on a modified service schedule and will be in place until April 3, 2020 after which they will be reevaluated. This is to help ensure residents continue to receive the most reliable service possible while also remaining as safe as possible.

The modified schedule is equivalent to the current Saturday bus schedule and still provides coverage of the St. Catharines Transit service area with no reduction in the length of the service day. Niagara Regional Transit service will remain unchanged.

The following routes will be operating Monday to Friday. There will be no change to evening, weekend or Sunday service for any of the routes. 

401 Hospital – Port Dalhousie; 402 Ontario St.; 404 Oakdale – Pen Centre; 406 Lake St.; 408 Grantham – Port Weller; 409 Geneva St.; 410 Glenridge – Pen Centre; 412 Vine St.; 414 Scott St.; 415 West St. Catharines; 416 Brock – Glenridge; 417 Bunting – Lakeshore; 418 Secord Woods; 420 Thorold – Pen Centre; 421 Confederation – Brock; 337 Crosstown and 322 Thorold-South. 

The following areas will have limited service: Hartzel Rd. between Queenston St. & Rockwood Ave.; Merritt St. between Thorold and Glendale Ave.; Wembley St. area; Linwell Rd. between Ontario St. & Niagara St.; Meadowvale Dr.; St. Helena St. and the Facer St. community area.

St. Catharines Transit has also ensured that a number of sanitary measures have taken place to limit the potential for the spread of the virus. All bus interiors have been disinfected and have been treated with an anti-microbe shield that is ideally supposed to disinfect the surface for up to 12 months. High touch areas on buses continue to be disinfected daily. All doors at the bus terminal are disinfected at regular intervals during the day. The transit service has also installed hand sanitizing stations at the bus terminal that are re-filled as much as supplies allow.

For full details on Brock University service changes, please see the new schedule at or in the St. Catharines Transit App. Additionally, all updates on transit schedules will continue to be posted on For questions and further information, individuals are encouraged to call 905-687-5555. Residents are also informed that there will be no reduction to Paratransit service. Individuals who are in areas with limited service and are unable to get to the closest bus stop are encouraged to contact the Paratransit office at 905-685-4228 ext. 201.

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