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Photo credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo credit: Zoe Archambault

“I Love Me” by Demi Lovato

4 stars

“I Love Me” by Demi Lovato is the feel-good song we all need right now. On The Ellen Show, Lovato recently got candid about her struggle with drug addiction that came to a head when she overdosed in 2018. This single is a hard-hitting comeback. “I Love Me” has a poppy beat and uplifting message about Lovato loving herself. Lovato’s powerful vocals shine throughout the single, her voice is explosive and her signature runs complete the song. Her lyrics are catchy, yet still meaningful, making this single a perfect balance of cheesy self-love and genuine appreciation for oneself. The beat progresses really well throughout this bop, going from a simple introduction to a momentous bridge and conclusion as more backbeats are layered unto one another. Lovato matches this progression as her vocals begin soft and sweet and transform into the powerhouse Lovato sound fans love. The cover pulls the entire single together, matching Lovato’s vocals and sound to a stunning picture of her in bright red. Overall, this single leaves me excited to see what Lovato has in store for her fans. 

“Worry About Me” 

1 star

“Worry About Me” by Ellie Goulding featuring blackbear was a disappointing release. Goulding’s voice sounded incredibly whiny and almost as if she was short of breath while recording. The beat was forgettable and lacked any sense of distinction. Blackbear’s feature was fairly anticlimactic, his voice sounded good but the bridge did not fit in with the rest of the song. Goulding’s lyrics were nearly inaudible, leaving this single meaningless. I couldn’t help but compare this song to the sound of the fictional group Das Sound Machine featured in Pitch Perfect 2 in it’s exaggerated and high-pitched vocals. I was more than unimpressed with the vocals of this single making it a hard flop. 

“How To Be Lonely” 

3 stars 

This single was another strong release in recent pop music. Rita Ora has a gorgeous voice over the entire track. The sound of this song perfectly matches the single cover that features Ora dripping in gold. “How To Be Lonely” has a lush, rich sound to it in both the beat and vocals. The song features metallic sound effects contrasted with more natural sounds like fingers snapping. This results in the perfect balance of synthesizer sounds and Ora’s lyrics can be heard clearly over the entire track and are simple yet meaningful. This single is a very easy listen, yet is an incredible display of Ora’s musical talent.  


5 stars

The Aces dropped “Daydreamer” earlier this month. The Aces have an airy, fun sound on this track. The guitar is a stand out feature of this track as it beautifully carries the song along and completes the sound of this poppy single. The Aces created the perfect summer track as the lyrics are light-hearted and the vocals are light. These gentle vocals are blended perfectly with the instrumentals that are fun and danceable. “Daydreamer” sounds exactly like a pastel, flower-filled, hippie-inspired daydream. This track is a stunning blend of easy going vocals and vibrant instrumentals, making it a five star single.

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