Singles of the week

“Last Time I Say Sorry” by John Legend and Kane Brown

TBP rating: 5 stars

“Last Time I Say Sorry” is a gorgeously composed single featuring dynamic instrumentals. Violin blends seamlessly with piano as well as the gentle notes of acoustic guitar. The instrumental backdrop to Brown and Legend’s voices sounds extremely authentic and crisp. Every note is delivered with purpose and meaning, elevating this single to five-star status. Brown’s voice offers the slightest country undertone. This twang blends perfectly with Legend’s signature rich and velvety voice. The lyrics are thoughtful and create a sincere confession of love and commitment. “Last Time I Say Sorry” is undoubtedly a knock-out single.

“Addison Rae” by The Kid LAROI

TBP rating: 2 stars

“Addison Rae” by The Kid LAROI is the strangest single released last week. Addison Rae is a popular social media personality. Her claim to fame was her viral videos created with the app TikTok. This song was born out of that very app when The Kid LAROI released a snippet of the song in a TikTok video, which resulted in a response video from Rae who smiled along to the chorus of the (at the time incompleted) song. “Addison Rae” as a song sounds fairly elementary in the beat and lyrics. The Kid LAROI has a very whiny, one note voice. Additionally, the beat was repetitious and forgettable. 

What struck me as strange is how this single was conceived on TikTok. Even stranger is that on the track 16-year-old The Kid LAROI sings “I need a bad b****, Addison Rae, lil’ shawty the baddest (Yeah), yeah, And she got away, lil’ shawty a savage.” The whole track seems like a bit of a meme, yet somehow it accumulated over a million views on YouTube in less than a week. Hopefully this is an anomaly in new music because I truly think the last thing anyone needs right now is 16-year-olds rapping about TikTokers. 

“Break Up Song” by Little Mix 

“Break Up Song” was an anticlimactic release. Little Mix’s sound has always been painfully lacking depth and range. This song could’ve had any lyrics and any title slapped onto it and I would’ve been able to guess it was a Little Mix track as they adhere to the same poppy sound and screachy harmonized vocals every. single. time. The lyrics are typical and taking from the song itself this track is truly “just another break up song.” 

The single cover felt outdated and resembled the eye pictures that Tumblr popularized in the late 2000s. You know, the ones where you would clump on mascara and try your hand at winged eyeliner, then photograph your eyes and throw the iPod quality pictures into a PicCollege. The single cover felt very out-dated and surface level which, in fairness, gives listeners a very accurate opener to what they are getting themselves into. 

“Retrograde” by Pearl Jam 

TBP rating: 4

“Retrograde” is a gentle, melodic single from a long-standing favourite band, Pearl Jam. This song was an easy listen that followed Pearl Jam’s signature style. The instrumentals, namely the drums played by Matt Cameron, stood out as they carried the song along in pace and enhanced the sound. “Retrograde” has a gentle beginning, which is perfectly matched with the slow fade of sound at the end. This song is meticulously crafted, and has a hint of old-timey sounds that make it sound authentic and high quality. “Retrograde” is definitely worth a listen. 

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