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Photo Credit: TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

Photo Credit: TJ Dragotta on Unsplash

Well sports is cancelled and nobody seems to know for how long. We know they’re postponed for at least 30 days, but unfortunately it’s probably going to end up being longer than that. We were so close to baseball too! Opening Day was two weeks away when this whole hullabaloo happened on Wednesday night.

That was a crazy night. 

In a span of like, half an hour, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced they had the virus, then the Thunder-Jazz game got postponed because Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the virus literally seconds before tipoff, before the dreaded announcement was made. The NBA was the first league to suspend its season, before all the other sports leagues followed suit. 

You know when you were younger and one of your friends is the first one to thank an adult, and then the other five kids in the car all frantically spit out their own thanks? That was what my Twitter feed looked like, as after the NBA shut things down, the NCAA started cancelled conference tournaments, then March Madness, before MLS and the NHL postponed their seasons, etc.

No one really knows what’s going to happen with the resumption of the NBA and NHL seasons, not to mention the start of the MLB season. I hope the NBA can finish off this season and award a champion; nobody wants another ‘vacant’ sighting like baseball had in 1994 when they cancelled the season three-quarters of the way through.

I think the best-case scenario is that the season picks back up in 30-40 days and the playoffs can conclude in late July. Hopefully Major League Baseball can shorten Spring Training, add some more doubleheaders and get back on track in a similar timeframe. But of course nobody knows when things will go back to relative normalcy.

While this has been a pretty bad college basketball season, it still sucks that we’re not going to have March Madness. That late March/early April month is always the best month for sports — the NBA and NHL playoffs are beginning, baseball is finally starting, the Final Four, the Masters, etc. Now none of that is going to happen on time, if at all.

At least Survivor is still on every Wednesday night so I can have something to look forward to. But besides Survivor, which is only one hour every week, what the hell am I going to watch? So far I’ve been watching a bunch of movies; my last two have been Inglourious Basterds and Munich. I’m sensing a theme here … are there any other movies where a team of Jews exact revenge on a bunch of people who were responsible for mass genocides and terrorist attacks? If so, please tweet me — I’m all in on this genre.

I’ll probably try and bang out a book or two as well during this sports drought. I’m about halfway through Norm Macdonald’s “memoir”, Based on a True Story, and it is brilliant so far. I also have Phil Jackson’s book Eleven Rings I’ve been meaning to read, so maybe I can get through that as well. I also impulse-ordered a book off Amazon about the 1957 Celtics, the first of 11 championship teams that Bill Russell led. Alas, it has yet to arrive.

Maybe I’ll do a sports book power rankings article soon — there are so many great ones that I still need to get through, though. If anyone has a hankerin’ for basketball in the meantime, I cannot recommend Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball nearly enough. It’s meaty — about 700 pages — but it’s actually like the perfect book for this weird month of no sports. Go buy it, it’s a fun read.

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