RapidFire: Quarantine Edition

Photo credit: Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

Photo credit: Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

There’s no avoiding the big elephant in the room. COVID-19 has really turned all of our lives upside down. This past week for me has been spent mostly trying to readjust to the lack of structure (and that hasn’t necessarily been so easy).

Some of my classes have finally sorted out what’s going to be happening the rest of the semester (others not so much). If only I felt so inclined to do any of the work for those classes this past week.

All kidding aside, while the lazy days have been nice as a whole, the few times I have had things going on have been incredibly motivating. My plan is to space things out so I have plenty of time to relax while also avoiding the extreme boredom.

But given that we are ALL having to readjust to this different way of life for the next few weeks, I figured I would ask the rest of The Brock Press staff about how they are making this social distancing thing work for them too.

“It seems like everything is canceled in the world except my deadlines for assignments, articles and essays. My kids are home, which makes it extra difficult to get anything done. So far on quarantine, each morning I get up early and start my work before they get up. Once they do finally wake up we set plans for their day. As teenagers they miss the social interaction with friends, but we try to plan a variety of activities they can do by themselves like going on the trampoline, crafts, reading or baking something and then we slip some family time in at the end of the day. During the day I stop my school work to make lunches and supper and then in the evening we play video games together, watch a movie or play a board game. I take small breaks after I have exhausted a subject for that day, which usually consists of a quick check in with Facebook to see what friends are doing and get updates on what is happening outside of my textbooks.” 

- Leslie Czegeny

“While my profs have assigned plenty of homework, I have played (and won) a healthy amount of Monopoly, eaten an unbelievable amount of food and watched the entirety of The Hunger Games series. The quarantine has really made me realize what is important and what things I had been stressing about that are pretty meaningless. The change of pace was a bit of a shock to my system, but as of now my days are pretty split between a bit of work and a bit more relaxation.” 

- Emma Kirwin 

“I have spent the last week stuck inside my house and even though I have roommates who are amazing and very fun to hang out with, I’m starting to get a little bit stir crazy. I get respiratory infections more easily than other people and it takes longer for me to recover, so I haven’t left the house since Brock cancelled classes. I’ve been washing my hands a lot, but not going outside unless I absolutely have to is the best thing I can do in this situation. I put my classwork on the back burner this week, which I think is allowed considering I feel like I’m living in the beginning of the movie Contagion. I read a couple of books this past week, watched some movies with my roommates and taught my fish how to jump through hoops. I also watched a Belarusian hockey league’s championship game on YouTube (I think it was the championship game, the commentary was in Russian so it’s anyone’s guess). My biggest piece of advice to anyone reading would be this; don’t feel bad if you’re not being productive right now. I saw a lot of people on social media saying that this was the time to write your novel or get ahead on classwork. If you can do that and it helps you feel busy then that’s great, if the only thing you can manage to do is get out of bed and make breakfast, that’s also great. We will get back to some semblance of normalcy eventually, but right now things are not normal and it’s okay if you’re feeling kind of weird too. As long as you’re washing your hands and social distancing, you’re doing enough.”

- Holly Morrison


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