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Photo Credit: Webraroo on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Webraroo on Unsplash

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The Bachelor: Women Tell All

The “Women Tell All” special aired last week on The Bachelor. Imagine if your ex-boyfriend, along with around 20 of his ex-girlfriends, were put in the same room and asked to hash out their relationship problems. Naturally, this episode usually erupts in chaos and Pilot Pete’s “Women Tell All” was no different.

Tammy Ly stood out as particularly catty during this reunion. Her eye rolling and snarky faces were infuriating to watch as she blew off the other girls’ criticisms of her and continually played the victim card. Her and rival Mykenna Dorn, attempted to hash out an ongoing strife which got the entire panel bickering. Ly and Dorn were only one set of ladies who had words to exchange with one another as the entire episode was full of arguments. The infamous “Champagnegate” was addressed which provided some much needed comic relief. This reunion only scratched the surface of all the drama that has happened this season, but was still cringe and watch worthy.

Former contestant Rachel Lindsey concluded the show with a touching message about online harassment. She shared the struggles of being a woman of colour and the online hate comments she and all the other contestants have received. The comments Lindsey read, which the women had received after the show aired, were horrifically harsh. As much as The Bachelor is filled with drama and senselessness, this concluding segment reminded viewers of the harsh reality that gaining fame is often met with an insurmountable amount of hate. This was an impressive step in the right direction to drawing attention to the fact that harassment online is still harassment.



Love Is Blind Reunion

The Love Is Blind reunion aired this week and, to no one’s surprise, it was just as awful as the rest of the show. Only two married couples remain, while the rest of the contestants are either single or dating someone from outside the experiment.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed shared details of their loving marriage and they were truly swoon-worthy. Hamilton and Speed have been fan favourites from the start and to see them happily married was touching. Hamilton and Speed have also embraced the publicity they have received from being on this show. The pair appeared on Pop Of The Morning and hinted at possibly getting their own spin-off show.

The rekindling of a friendship between ex-fiances Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack was another highlight of this reunion. The two had an explosive end to their relationship early in the season, but both parties have since agreed to move forward as friends.

Amber Pike’s claws were out. She, unprovoked, turned to rival Jessica Batten and snarked “B**** you’re shiesty.” Firstly, “shiesty” is quite possibly the nicest-sounding-mean-word out there and secondly I will never get behind women calling other women “b****,” especially on television. Throughout the entire reunion, Pike has an aggressive air of superiority which is cringe-worthy to watch. Batten went on to blame whiskey for her harsh words towards ex-fiance Cuevas, which came across as distasteful to say the least. On the bright side, she didn’t let her dog sip on the whiskey this time.


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Better Call Saul

Following up last year’s premiere of El Camino, Better Call Saul is back for what’s usually a more comedic Breaking Bad side-story. Although the first few seasons had the talking toilets and pie fetishes that Breaking Bad did not, as Saul Goodman’s origin story nears its end, the darker tone that marked its predecessor shines through more and more with each season. This one is only four episodes in but is no different, as Slippin’ Kimmy Wexler falls back into running cons of her own and Nacho and Lalo strike a deal with Saul.

I have to take off my critic’s hat for a moment only to say that, for me, the highlight of this season so far was in the third episode, “The Guy for This”, was an unexpected but welcome — and somewhat bittersweet — appearance of Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez. Better Call Saul has always sprinkled in a few Breaking Bad cast members where they would fit, but Hank and Gomie are the first characters of Breaking Bad’s leading cast (who weren’t integrated into Better Call Saul’s plot from early on, like Gus and Mike) to make an appearance.

Although a lot of fans may be hoping to see Walt and Jesse back for more, the fact that Hank and Gomez only fit where they were needed as opposed to offering fanservice is a testament to the writers. They are able to weave together threads from the past, but ensure it’s only where necessary, staying true to the story they hope to share all the while.

As for the season itself, it’s being mapped out like any other: a slow burn that will, hopefully, pay off huge. The individual plotlines of the characters don’t need to intersect to be equally as engaging on their own; Nacho’s, Mike’s, Jimmy’s and Kim’s stories alike are all equally fleshed out and captivating, whether based within courtrooms or crime scenes.



Megan Thee Stallion, having announced that “I am no one’s property”, is currently suing her own label to get out of her contract. Her newest EP, Suga, just dropped after a temporary restraining order against her label allowed her to release it — if not for that, Suga wouldn’t have been gracing our ears at all. Megan, now a walking example of the music industry’s sometimes predatory behaviour towards young artists eager to get their work heard, is refusing to sit by idly as she — like many others before her — is taken advantage of by her label. Where it stands now, Megan’s only promised 40 per cent of her revenue and the label’s even allowed to dip into her personal sponsorships. Consider that Megan’s going to need to use that 40 per cent to pay off the others who contribute to her work, like music producers.

Some are worried that this is going to ultimately end up burying Megan’s career alive — a heartbreak, as she’d truly only begun to blow up as of last year. But the support behind her — seen through the trending twitter hashtag #FreeTheeStallion — shows that a lot of people are on board with this initiative. Artists have had their desire to make art for the public be beaten down in pursuit of money long enough. Hopefully, this isn’t the end of a career, but the beginning of a movement.

Also, I haven’t had the time to actually listen to Suga yet, so I can’t review it, but my guess is I’d probably just use this final paragraph to let you all know it makes me feel like a Saul when I’m actually just a Gene from Cinnabon. That was a callback. Thanks in advance for the temporary fleeting confidence boosts, Megan.


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