DSBN lifetime learning and general interest classes

Photo Credit: The Form Fitness on Unsplash

Photo Credit: The Form Fitness on Unsplash

The Lifetime Learning Centre (LLC) provides a growth-focused environment to empower adults and lifelong learners.

The centre, facilitated by Ontario Certified Teachers, allows adult students to attend school during the day and learn in a structured environment. Adult students will be able to finish their high school diploma, improve marks for college, learn skills to improve their career and learn new skills in their General Interest program. The programming is tuition-free, taught by Ontario certified teachers and offered in a modern facility with up-to-date computers.

As part of the general interest program, one can take 17 classes in arts, crafts and music, six computer classes, 35 classes in healthy living lifestyle and sports, 13 language classes and 10 other classes. The General Interest program allows Niagara residents to take part in fun, informative classes to learn and participate in a variety of skills and activities. Courses are available for all age groups, including some specifically for children.

The LLC will work with students to create a custom plan to help them reach their goals. Students will come in for an assessment to determine if they have any experience that can earn them additional credits. All courses at the LLC earn credits towards a high school diploma.

To take regular classes towards a high school diploma, interested individuals must be 18 or older, have been out of school for at least one year and be able to attend classes daily (Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.).

“The entire staff at LLC is so accommodating. It’s my second year of being in programs. As a senior I learned that age doesn’t matter when it comes to learning. The teachers treated everyone equally while reaching out to everyone,” said one adult learner at LLC.

“Throughout the semester my confidence has grown tremendously. This [English] class has been so amazing. The teaching style was so refreshing. Having a teacher who actually cares, really makes a difference in the success of the students,” said Erica C., an adult learner at LLC.

“The people here are amazing, the staff are willing to help support you in every way they can,” said one professional support work student.

To find out about the costs associated with the programs, interested individuals must attend information sessions held every Wednesday (until the last Wednesday of March) at 1:00 p.m. excluding March break, which falls between March 16 – 20 this year.

Information about how and when to register for programs can be found at www.dsbn.org/programs-services/lifetime-learning.

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