Brock governance to conduct all meetings through telecommunication

Alongside offering all examinations in alternative or online formats, the Center of Pedagogical Information (CPI) will be leading the shift of all in person meetings to telecommunication methods. 

Under the unique circumstances of COVID 19 outbreak, Brock governance decided that all Senate and Senate sub-committee meetings will be shifted to telecommunication methods. Earlier in March, Brock governance decided to stop any remote participation at the Senate meetings and allow the telecommunication participation only in committee meetings. However, on March 17 the earlier approved motion was suspended considering the developments that occurred through the week.

According to the General Legal Counsel report to the Chair of the Senate, the public health measures recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) have evolved. Employers are now being advised to adjust policies to reduce social contact, and permit arrangements such as teleworking and increased use of email and teleconferencing. PHAC is also recommending that close contact between employees be minimized by increasing the distance between workstations, employees and customers (ideally 2 metres).

All governance meetings are to be conducted through telecommunication and the process will be run by the University Secretariat. All technical information will be provided by the University Secretariat as well. The report mentioned all the technical details regarding the voting procedures, roll call, attendance and testing prior to the actual meetings.

The Senate is scheduled to meet on April 29, 2020 and the members will decide then if telecommunication practice is still necessary given how the situation unfolds.

“Any vote to be taken by secret ballot will be conducted wherever possible using technology that enables the voter’s identity to be kept secret. Where such technology is not available, ballots will be submitted by email to the Senate Secretary/Committee Secretary who will be required to keep them confidential,” said the report.

Furthermore, the report suggested that committee chairs should have the authority to move or cancel the meeting if they deem the information items on the meeting agenda to be non-immediate ones or if the agenda only comprises information items.

Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the BrockU Senate website for further updates and previous meetings:


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