The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies to host meet and greet

Photo Credit:  Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

The Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (MARS) wants to welcome everyone to meet the staff and students at their upcoming open house.

The open house will be held on Thursday, February 13 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in GLNA 201. Students who would like to know more about MARS are encouraged to attend the event and to talk with staff in the program.

”The main purpose is to bring students and faculty together in a formal setting so there can be questions from the students about the program or a general conversation in a familiar setting so students can ask about course, research interests of the faculty and just engage in general conversation between students and faculty,” said Felipe Ruan, director of the MARS program.

According to Ruan, the MARS program covers the historical period from approximately 500 AD up until 1500 AD.

“It is a substantial period of history and there is a chance to study in the perspective of art history or the perspective of religion or the architecture and art. [The MARS program] gives students a broader view of the medieval period not necessarily in the discipline of history,” said Ruan.

According to Ruan, MARS is a co-major program. This means that a student must major in MARS and another subject like history, English, modern languages, visual arts or any other humanities.

Since it is a co-major, MARS is an interdisciplinary program.

“We have faculty from different centres and departments like english and history, modern English, dramatic arts and visual art. The courses are across the spectrum and not specific to history courses. The program is broad in scope,” said Ruan.

There are a number of opportunities students in the MARS program can participate in. Throughout the year there are speakers chosen for different topics on medieval and renaissance history. There are also opportunities to travel abroad to places such as Italy and Iceland.

According to Ruan, the MARS program has opportunities for students to experience a broad range of topics in the medieval and renaissance period. Some examples include the history of the vikings which one staff member specializes in. There are also topics on the interaction of Europeans and Native Americans in early colonization, the Muslims in the Iberian peninsula and the history of art in the renaissance as some of the options students can explore.

“[The MARS program] gives students a greater approach to these periods beyond a traditional history course. That is part of the attractive quality of the program,” said Ruan.

Join MARS Meet and Greet for Beechwood donuts and tea and if interested in more information about the MARS program at Brock go to

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