Tax Clinic offers to help students through tax season

Photo credit: Leon Dewiwje on Unsplash

Photo credit: Leon Dewiwje on Unsplash

With tax season quickly approaching, Brock University Chinese Student and Scholars Association (BUCSSA) is offering a tax clinic to help students navigate the process of filing their taxes.

The clinics will be held in the International Center in the Global Commons starting Saturday, February 29, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They will run every Saturday until April 4.

In Canada, employees should receive all T4 and/or T5 slips by the end of February. These are needed to file their personal taxes. Employees should approach their employers if they have not received them by this time.

In Canada, personal taxes for the 2019 year are due by April 30.

For these tax clinics, students are encouraged to bring all charitable donation slips and to print appropriate T4’s from the university and places of employment. Tanny Fan, coordinator of the event and an accounting student as well as the clinic volunteers can help with questions and assist in filing taxes.

“We are doing this because a lot of students have difficulty filing their returns so we help them file their taxes during the season. So we start at the end of February and we have the event in IC every Saturday,” said Fan. “People who have any basic tax questions can visit us. All our volunteers have training so they have the ability to answer questions.”

These free clinics are intended to help Brock students navigate their personal taxes. The clinics also provide hands-on experience for volunteers in tax preparation.

“Some students don’t know how to do it themselves. They might pay other companies [to file them], but this Tax Clinic is free so they do not have to spend anything for this. This also [helps] people like us in the accounting program who want to learn how to do taxes.”

Volunteers at the tax clinic will help students through the UFile tax program. All volunteers are required to have a laptop in order to help students at the clinic. In order to volunteer, students have to have filed taxes before and you have to enter the number from your tax file and SIN number.

“Do not avoid taxes. If you file taxes you can get a tax return. You will have to file taxes no matter what after you turn 18 years old. You need to learn to do it and this is a good opportunity to know,” said Fan.

For more information on the clinics and tax preparation resources go to the Tax Clinic on ExperienceBU.

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