President Profile

Photo Credit: BUSU

Photo Credit: BUSU

President Profile

Asad Jalib


  1. To the best of your understanding, what is the role and responsibilities of the President?

The Brock University Students’ Union President is responsible for overseeing the entire students’ union and its operations! With involvement in nearly everything that happens within BUSU, the specific focus is around improving the way we perform as a students’ union in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Working alongside two Presidents, and serving under the current President, has given me much insight on the day to day activities that need to be performed, and the skills needed to be successful.

Ultimately, the union and its actions are my responsibility. Ensuring that every touchpoint is optimized to enhance the student experience will continue to be my priority. Additionally, I aim to continue as I have as the VPFA, to maintain an open-door policy and be ready to serve students on individual cases as they arrive. From helping students sort out a bus pass sticker, to working on ensuring all groups on campus are represented in major capital projects and policy development.

As President, it is up to me to ensure that you have the experience you hope for at Brock University. I will continue, as I have for several years in various roles, to deliver on that promise!

  1. Why have you decided to run for the position of President?

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to serve you in roles on the:

  • BUSU Executive Team (Vice-President)
  • BUSU Board of Directors
  • Brock University Students’ Administrative Council (BUSAC)
  • Brock University Senate
  • and countless committees surrounding student wellness, academics and university finances

In these roles, I have had the opportunity to serve alongside the current President, Bilal Khan, and the previous President, Aidan Hibma as well as other staff and student representatives.

Through these roles, I have learned much about what the President position entails – the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats – and explored the potential of BUSU in relation to the position.

Ultimately, I am running because I love our school. My time here has been incredible. The friendships I have made, the memories I have shared and the knowledge I have gained. It is my belief that every student deserves to have an incredible experience, and I will make sure you do.

  1. Why do you believe you should be elected President?

Being able to deliver on promises is a key aspect of being a successful executive. Thanks to the support of thousands of students, my team and I have been able to achieve the following:

- complete 65 per cent of a 10,500 square foot fitness facility (Zone) expansion

- distribute 1000 exam kits to students

- fund many free breakfasts, student initiatives, and a suicide prevention campaign

- enhance transit routes by extending hours and frequencies for busses

- make physiotherapy FREE across campus

With the experience, track record of delivering on promises and the passion, drive and values based leadership I bring to the table, I would be humbled to be elected as your next BUSU President.

  1. If you needed to summarize your platform into three main issues at Brock that you believe need to be addressed, what would they be? How do you plan to address these issues?

This year’s platform is built around driving forward the student experience, increasing opportunity, and addressing challenges. There are four major points:

- Completing the Zone Expansion On Time

- Providing Free Female Hygiene Products on Campus

- Increasing Study Space on Campus

- Expanding Student Opportunities

Complete Zone Expansion on Time

This is a roughly $8,000,000 project funded using OUR money. Let’s make sure we get this right. With the project over 65 per cent complete, it is my hope that you allow me to continue to ensure that the Zone Expansion is complete ON TIME and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for your use in Fall 2020.

Increase Study Space on Campus

Working alongside Brock University Facilities Management and the Senior Administrative Team, it is my goal that we increase the access that students have to classrooms when they’re not being utilized for classes. This model will make it easier for students to find study space when we need it most. Given that it has worked on other campuses such as our neighbouring university, McMaster, I am confident that we will be able to make this happen in the coming year!

Free Female Hygiene Products Across Campus

Through a partnership with Brock Facilities Management, BUSU will be able to provide dispensers in bathrooms across campus that will give female hygiene products to individuals that need to utilize it for free. The background work and implementation plan are all complete! With your support in these elections, we can expect this program to launch in September 2020!

Expand Student Opportunities

By working alongside the Board of Directors, we will be able to add more student positions in this very important group. This will provide more students with the opportunity to get involved, expand their skillset and make lasting connections.

  1. If elected what would you do differently from past Presidents?

BUSU has had a strong past of excellent, experienced, and committed Presidents. If there is one aspect I would work to enhance, and have a passion for, it would be my commitment to talking to students in the hallways. Getting to know them, their passions and their challenges is important to me.

As the Vice President of Finance and Administration, I made it a priority to chat with student clubs as they were tabling, maintained an open door policy to ensure students could come and talk about what matters to them, and often, moved around campus to find them the answers they needed as soon as possible.

I am here to serve the students, and I do it because years ago I was served the same way by the student leaders on campus. Without them, I would not have developed this drive and ambition, and just like they supported me, I want to support you.

Badgers, I hope this year you #chooseRESULTS, #chooseEXPERIENCE, #chooseDEDICATION. I hope you #chooseASAD as your next BUSU President.

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