Meet the candidates: BUSU Board of Directors (1 and 2 year terms)


Marcus Fluellon by BUSU

Marcus Fluellon by BUSU

Marcus Fluellon

(1 year)

Hey Badgers! This year I served as a member of the Board of Directors and as a BUSAC councillor. I hope to serve the students of Brock once again. During my time on the Board of Directors, I helped plan an essential referendum, learned about the best ways to help the students and improved multiple BUSU policies.

If I am to be elected again, I would focus on three main points: accountability, transparency, and representation. I want to keep all board members and executives accountable. The students are paying the executives’ salary and they should be accountable to them. Second, I would like to make sure the board is transparent with the students as they need to know what is going on with their money. Finally, I will help push for a larger Board of Directors with more student voices to properly represent all students here at Brock. Thanks Badgers!

Dev Jariwala by BUSU

Dev Jariwala by BUSU

Dev Jariwala

(2 year)

My name is Dev Jariwala and I am a 2nd year Business Communications student working to represent you on the Board of Directors. Over the past time my engagement and working with different organizations and clubs in Brock University and not only on-campus, but also off-campus I’ve been involved with the non-Brock organizations such as the Sigma Chi Fraternity have taught me the skills I need to continue to be a fierce and effective advocate for students.

In preparation for this role I consulted with past BoD representatives, and after much input from fellow students, I am proud to tell you about my core platform points.

  1. Fighting for Increased Student Representation
  2. Student-Centric Renovations and Development
  3. . Mental Health Advocacy
  4. Greater Student Connection


Daniel Ikhagbode by BUSU

Daniel Ikhagbode by BUSU

Daniel Ikhagbode

(1 year)

Greetings Badgers. My name is Daniel Ikhagbode and I am a third year Business Communications student. I’m involved both on and off campus as a member of various organizations, such as the Brock University Advocacy Club, Indian Student Association and the Niagara River Lions. As a Director of the Board, I’ll be working on three themes consisting of: awareness, accountability and adaptability.

If elected, through consistency and hard work, I will strive to ensure that each platform point is thoroughly addressed while pursuing student interests as an advocate, in and out of the boardroom. Your concerns with regards to accountability, service hours, and more will have a louder voice than ever before. For more information feel free to email

Remember, your union should represent your interest, not define them. My name is Daniel Ikhagbode and I’m ready to be whatever you need me to be.

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