Love Regenerator 1 is an EDM fan must-listen

Photo credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Calvin Harris has burst back on the music scene with Love Regenerator 1, his latest EP. Harris takes the listener on a journey through highs and lows of deep EDM. Each track creates a new world of sound and transports the listener to a land of techno beats and unstoppable rhythm. Harris sends the listener to a rave with his music. The urge to be surrounded by people, bouncing uncontrollably starts the EP off. As a listener, I wish my eyes were shut swaying with other ravers that were on the same wavelength, listening to Harris’ intoxicating unique sound. This is an admirable feat of Harris’, to be able to create an entire fantasy with just four tracks.

It is impressive to create an environment solely through sound, which Harris flawlessly does by including two original tracks and two edited versions of those originals. At first, this choice seems like it leaves a lot of opportunities to sound repetitive. However, the tracks blend into each other seamlessly, making it an EP you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy every second of it. This sets Harris apart from other artists as he isn’t afraid to take a risk by putting four very similar songs on an EP.

“Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait) [edit]” and “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” are futuristic and have an experimental, edgy sound. The bass drops are perfectly timed and well-balanced with pregnant pauses before each one. Both the edit and original are like a rollercoaster; listeners can hear the build-up, the anticipation and finally, as if holding your breath at the top of the plummet, the bass drop hits.

The EDM synth is blended with comical laughing noises, adding an exciting and creepy touch. The cackling is paired with an obnoxious singing with powerhouse runs, that sounds as if Harris is going in and out of a acid-trip tunnel. Just when listeners think they can unbuckle their harnesses and get off this rollercoaster, Harris draws them back in with an enticing mix of beats.

“CP-1” offers a contrast with a slow start, but quickly falls in line with the other duo of an original and edit seen with “Hypnagogic (I Can’t Wait)” by picking up the deep bass. The intro hooks listeners while the bridge keeps them engaged. It sounds underwater and mysterious. “Something that you feel” is repeated over the intro of the track, which at first comes across as just lyrics to a layer of a sound, but when the rhythm switches and accelerates it truly is “something that you feel.” This blend of simple lyrics with a sound that makes listeners take them to heart makes this track intoxicating.

“CP-1 [edit]” has more of an underground EDM sound. Namely, the bridge sounds mystical, almost extraterrestrial. It sounds spacey and eerie, the synth takes over the voice making it sound robotic, which adds a layer the original did not have. The sound of this song is simple, listeners can hear each layer of synth blended into each other, but it is this construction that makes it so intriguing to listen to. It is like Harris wanted each layer to be appreciated in its own right and work as a moving part on his futuristic robot that is Love Regenerator 1.

The music on this EP is truly unique and unlike anything else that has come out so far in 2020. Harris accomplished exactly what an EP is meant to do: to draw listeners in and leave them wanting more. The only critique is that I wish there was more of Harris’s EP to listen to.

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