Editorial: looking at Valentine’s Day with the perspective of kindness

Photo Credit: Allie Smith from Unsplash

Photo Credit: Allie Smith from Unsplash

Valentine’s Day may be one of the most mixed-feelings holidays of the year, every year. There is no guarantee you will feel the same way about it from year to year, there is no guarantee you’ll get a Valentine (unless you’re in elementary school and you happen to be in that class where one of the kids brings everyone a Valentine).

We’ve all gone through the stages of appreciating Valentine’s Day. From loving it because it meant you could maybe have more sweets than would normally be allowed, to realizing that it was something you thought only couples celebrated, to eventually going back to the mindset of ‘Valentine’s Day is for whatever I want it to be’.

Maybe this year you are lucky to have someone who loves you to celebrate days like Valentine’s Day. Or, maybe, your special person in your life doesn’t necessarily choose to do anything too grand on Valentine’s Day.

See, the great thing is, you can approach Valentine’s Day in any shape or form you choose. Don’t be that single person who chooses to be sad or grumpy and divulge in 50 per cent off chocolates the next day. If you’re going to celebrate the singleness of your life, bring some other single friends into the mix so you can enjoy the 50 per cent off chocolates with them.

Maybe calling your mom or dad would make their day, just to see how things are going and remind them that you love them. Maybe your dog is the light of your life (aren’t they always?), so treat your furry pal to a new toy, a really long walk, and lots of tummy rubs. That dog will be in heaven on Earth.

If a glamorous date is what’s on the docket for you, that’s great, too. If you  have someone who chooses to do something special for you on the day, be appreciative, let that person know how nice it was of them to take you to dinner or a movie, or have a homemade meal.

Volunteering somewhere could also mean the world to someone else. The act of kindness is certainly gratifying, but you helping out in your community is a gift that keeps on giving.

Personally, I think the best thing people can do on Valentine’s Day is just bring some good energy to the world. When you’re walking around the hallways, smile at people, hold the door for someone, be kind to people, whether you know them or not. You never know how someone may be feeling that day, regardless of whether it has to do with Valentine’s or not. Your kindness or generosity could change someone’s day, and there can’t be a better feeling than that.


-Isabelle Cropper

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