BUSU Elections: Board of Directors

Photo Credit: BUSU

Photo Credit: BUSU

Board of Directors Profile

Dev Jariwala


Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board?

First thing is I really wanted to get involved with BUSU and second thing is that it is my second year at Brock and I’ve been working with a lot of clubs, not really on campus, but off campus as well. I particularly want all the students to be at the same stage at some point be representing students the ones who get elected. It is our job to hold everyone accountable for what they do, for every action that is taken by BUSU. It is a corporation. It is a nonprofit organization that works for students. I really want all the students involved. We have so many international students coming in every year. For international students it is a new country for them and they [international students] have no idea what is going on.  Many students have no idea how the health plan works, what their benefits are, what they deserve and what they are paying for. They are all contributing to it so I just want all the students to get everything they put in.

Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board?

I have four strong platform points. Those are fighting for increased student representation. I want all the students to get more involved. This is the time. The time in university is the time we find direction in our lives. The second point is student-centred renovations and development on campus. Every time there is a development taking place on campus there are always minor problems. I don’t want students to face that every time. I want every development or renovation taking place on campus should be separated and every place should be made more accessible. My third point is mental health advocacy. Students come here. It’s a new place for them not only international students but domestic students as well. Sometimes they go through mental breakdowns or distress at the same time they have to take care of yourself, your studies and if you’re working sometimes it is stressful for students. I just want students to be mentally stress free. If students are stress free they can put more time into their studies. And my fourth point is greater student connection. I really want all the educators and executive  board members to personally know as many students as they can because if we personally know the students that is when we realize what the problem is and what the solution can be. I just want the constitution, the BUSU constitution to be more precise and making sure every student is getting more involved within the community. 

If elected as Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you’re effectively representing the students that have elected you?

All the students that have elected me I will personally [get to] know them. During all my campaigning they get to know me and I get to see them. I put myself in front of them. They get to put their concerns in front of me so I can realize what the real problem is and I can work on it. The more you know a diverse group of students that is when you realize what the real problem is and what can be the solution.  

To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of BUSU and the Board of Directors?

There are three points. One is focusing on the future of the company making sure that our capital is used up with the right things and we don’t use excess money where we don’t need to use it. It is also about accountability. Holding everyone accountable for actions they do. They can give a clear picture to what they are doing and why we are funding those clubs, those members or anything that takes place.

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