BUSU Elections: Board of Directors

Photo Credit: BUSU

Photo Credit: BUSU

Board of Directors Profile

Daniel Ikhagbode

  1. Why have you decided to run for the position of Director of the Board? 

As an international student who’s approximately 5600 miles away from home, Brock has done everything within their means to ensure that I have the most convenient and Inclusive environment I could possibly hope for. Just obtaining a degree isn’t enough to show how grateful I am for the opportunity they’ve granted me. I believe this is a wonderful opportunity to give back, not just to Brock as community, but most importantly the students as stakeholders as friends and family. In addition to this, I have built Important long-lasting relationships with a lot of students here on campus, being on the Board of Directors offers me an opportunity to strengthen this relationship as a friend, but also, as a vocal advocate for their needs and concerns. Finally, I look at life as a massive learning experience. Running for this position these few days I’ve campaigned has already taught me a variety of things. As a kid growing up my father always mentioned to me that no knowledge learned is ever wasted, so when you ask me this question, it’s a simple answer, I love the learning experience that accompanies it. Even more importantly is the question, why not?

  1. Why should you be elected for the position of Director of the Board? 

First, I am firm believer of the concept of constant interaction and communication, hence the reason for my major with regards to Business Communication. This discipline has taught me that good communication is an essential bridge between confusion and clarity. Secondly, I am a firm believer of hard work and consistency, and I appreciate when individuals whom I plan on working with can share the same values. I know from the forefront how easy it is to make promises, I also know how hard it is to uphold them. Lastly, I am a firm believer of the cycle of change. I know it is inevitable, and I also know that it is nothing to fear. As a young man whose home is approximately 5600 miles from here, I have dealt with rampant change throughout the last four years of my life. You ask how I overcame this? Simple, I adapted. This skillset regarding my flexibility in critical decision-making scenarios will serve not just me, but the committee with regards to a fluent and concise decision-making process. Put simply, I believe I have values that the students could relate with or even learn from. Based on these values is why I would love to be voted in as your next Director of the board for the one-year term.

  1. If elected as a Director of the Board, how will you ensure that you effectively represent the students that have elected you? 

This is quite an interesting question, as a key point that I push strongly regarding my platform, is an improvement in the mediums of communication used in informing both local and international students. I know that more can be done with regards to this field. I also believe effective communication in any organization especially among stakeholders should be a didactic process, in this scenario, I am referring to one that connects the students and the committee. Responding to the students as much as possible regarding their inquires, needs and concerns would be key, this would also prevent them getting s any surprises while making them aware of any updates that take place on campus.

  1. To the best of your understanding, what is the purpose and function of the BUSU Board of Directors? 

Put simply, we are responsible for governing of the key decisions that are discussed within the student union.

  1. What do you believe are the three main issues affecting Brock students today? 

“What I believe to be the three main issues affecting our most important stakeholders, can be summed up into three key points. 

-Inefficient parking services. 

-Insufficient funding for proper mental health services and facilities 

-Inefficient communication through mediums actually used by the students.

  1. Please summarize your key platform points. 

Awareness- Good communication ties the gap between confusion and clarity, voicing your concerns while relaying back important information is key when serving the most stakeholders being “YOU” 

Accountability-. As an individual whose aim is representing your interests as effectively as possible, holding myself accountable Is key to my values so when I state the idea of individual accountability, know that I will be serving you to the best of my ability. What this means for Daniel as a Board member is no sick days, no late days and most importantly no excuses. 

Adaptability- As an official member of the Board it would be my duty to remain as flexible as possible with regards to the implementations and changes proposed by the executive body and the request and ideas suggested by you, our greatest stakeholders.

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