BUSAC to put funding for the Student Justice Centre to a referendum

Photo Credit: Parker Johnson on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Parker Johnson on Unsplash

Last year the Student Justice Centre (SJC) lost its funding in a referendum. This year however, BUSAC has passed a motion to put their funding back to a referendum.

Every couple of years, funding is evaluated by BUSU’s Referendum Quality Assurance Committee.

“We stopped receiving funding on April 30, 2019, as the SJC Memorandum of Understanding expired. The SJC has since been operating on funding reserves. There is currently no funding in place to support the SJC’s ongoing operations, so we are going to referendum with the aim to secure adequate funding to continue the work of the SJC and expand its reach on campus,” said Michelle Mudge of SJC.

According to Mudge, the SJC provides not only educational opportunities, free resources, partnerships with other student groups and a safe place for students to gather to discuss social issues, they also support students socially and politically.

“The [SJC] is your campus hub for social and political education, support, and activism. The SJC provides support to students impacted by and not limited to: racism, colonialism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, xenophobia, ethno religious fascism, classism, sexism and ageism. We advocate for social justice through activism support, educational initiatives and programming, like workshops, events, film screenings, campaigns, etc,” said Mudge.

Operating on funding reserves can only sustain the group for a limited time. The funds from the referendum would help support several of their programs.

According to Mudge, they would like to expand positions for students as well.

“Ideally, in addition to a SJC Manager, we would create six new student jobs, including SJC Assistant Manager, Anti-Racism Advocate, Indigeneity Advocate, International Student Advocate, Sexuality and Gender Diversity Advocate, and Accessibility & Disability Justice Advocate,” said Mudge.

According to Mudge, the services the funding would support include: educational initiatives such as workshops and campaigns, programmings such as events, speaker series and panel discussions, drop-in and by-appointment peer-to-peer support, activism and more. It would also support a drop-in centre, online and in-house resources and liaising with campus and community partners to improve student experience.

Students are encouraged to vote via a link that will be sent out before voting on March 24, 25 and 26.

If students are interested in the SJC they can reach out on Facebook at Brock Student Justice Centre or ExperienceBU under organizations.

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