Brock University Vegan Society gives back to the community

Photo Credit: Kimmy Williams on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Kimmy Williams on Unsplash

Brock University Vegan Society (BUVS) welcomes volunteers to help at Grey’s Haven Animal Sanctuary (GHAS) at an upcoming volunteer day.

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (BUVS) will help GHAS with the many jobs that running a farm entail and they will get time with the furry, feathery and friendly residents as well.

“We choose to volunteer there because it is a way to get close to animals and a lot of people in the Vegan Society have empathy for animals. It gives us the opportunity to help them and spend time with them,” said Chelsea Dorrell, president of BUVS.

This is their second volunteer day at GHAS. According to Dorrell, on their first day in the fall, they replaced animal bedding, mulched walkways and cleaned out animal areas. They also got to spend time with and feed the residents.

Grey’s Haven Farm Sanctuary is located in Port Colborne. According to Michelle Caza, Founder of GHAS, primarily larger animals such as goats and pigs live at the sanctuary but they have ducks, chicken and geese as well.

Their mission is to educate through connecting people with animals and promoting compassion for all living beings. They endorse plant based cruelty free practices and function as a rescue for mostly farm animals.

“We have been officially a sanctuary since 2018. We basically rescue farm animals from the various industries, whether it is the dairy industries or the meat industries and we provide a safe place for them to live for their full and natural lives,” said Caza.

For BUVS this is an ideal volunteer opportunity, which keeps within the society’s mandate as an inclusive space for those who live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

“We like to go to a farm sanctuary because it is a place where rescued animals from the food industry go to live out the rest of their lives instead of being killed for food. They are there to just be themselves and be happy for the rest of their lives and that is the type of farm we want to support,” said Dorrell.

The previous volunteer day they had in the fall saw 15 volunteers and they hope to have just as many this time. The chores are farm jobs so dress warmly, wear boots and be prepared to work.

Having BUVS and other volunteers are necessary to keep GHAS functioning for the animal residents.

“Volunteers are so important to us. We have two types of volunteers. We have our regular weekly volunteers and they come every Monday or every Friday. They are on the schedule and they know what they are supposed  to do and they work through their routines.  I work full time as well so I need those people or I wouldn’t be able to do what we do here,” said Caza.  “And then we have other groups that come in every year. We have our work party groups like [BUVS] which is more of a work party.”

For more information on how to join BUVS’s work party at GHAS contact BUVS through Facebook or Instagram @brockuniversityvegansociety. More information about GHAS can be found at

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