What to know about this season of The Bachelor

Photo Credit: Krishna Varshney on Unspalsh

Photo Credit: Krishna Varshney on Unspalsh

The Bachelor is back! There is a new slew of girls, a lovable bachelor and, of course, plenty of drama.

Let’s start with prince charming, Pilot Pete. Peter Weber is a single 28-year-old looking for love. What sets him apart is that he is doing so on national television. Pilot Pete was born in California and earned his nickname after becoming a commercial pilot. His rise to fame (or infamy, depending on who you are), happened on season 15 of The Bachelorette starring Hannah Brown and a windmill. Eventually, Peter was cut from Hannah’s season but evidently the spark between the two is still there considering she keeps popping up (again and again and again) in this season of The Bachelor. Pilot Pete claims he is confident that his wife is in the Bachelor mansion and the front-runners have already emerged.

So, who are the lucky ladies who get to spend thousands of dollars on gowns to be emotionally manipulated on national television with no contact with the outside world for months?

Hannah Ann is probably the girl who has caused the most ruckus since stepping into the mansion. The best description of Hannah Ann is that she most likely would’ve bullied you in high school, but would’ve been really nice to you in front of teachers. She is all pastel colours, bouncy curls and a Vaseline coated smile, paired with psychotic behaviour. On the first night, she would not stop stealing Peter from the other ladies. I understand it’s a competition, but she loves the sound of her own voice and it is blatantly obvious she does not care about any of the other girls. In episode two, her pretentious attitude shone through again when instead of apologizing for stealing another contestant’s champagne, all she could muster was “I acknowledge your feelings,” over and over and over again.  Kelsey, the rightful champagne owner, called Hannah Ann a “fake b***h”, marking the first of many b-words to come. In fairness, the women aren’t there to make friends, but at the very least they should make an effort to not be unbelievably rude and annoying. Peter gave her the first impression rose, which was disappointing and quite frankly a disgrace for all of Bach nation.

“Hannah Ann will go far because she is the most dramatic and gets a lot of screen time,” said Carly Caplan, a Bachelor fan of three years.

Kelley is the next buzzing name in the mansion, namely because she “ran into” Peter before the filming of the show. There is lots of speculation about this chance encounter that occurred in a hotel lobby months prior. I am not going to make accusations, but this seems a little too suspicious to be just an accidental meeting. Peter seems to be kissing just about everyone pretty early in the season, but he and Kelley have very firey chemistry.

Controversy struck Kelley again when she won the first one-on-one date with Peter after supposedly “cheating” at a tricycle obstacle course, stealing the dub from Tammy. Let me be clear, two adult women, on national television, fought over who cheated at an obstacle course in a competition for a date with Pilot Pete. Personally, I don’t think she cheated, she worked smarter, not harder and finessed the obstacle course. A word of advice for Tammy: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Madison lucked out date-wise as she met Peter’s entire family at his parent’s backyard vow renewal. Ah, exploitation of the American Dream at it’s finest. Peter’s mom threw her bouquet at the end of the ceremony directly to Madison and unsurprisingly she caught it. Hilariously, Madison exclaimed, “it’s a sign. It’s a good sign,” as if the bouquet was not purposely thrown at her. Despite that incredibly goofy moment on her part, Madison seems to be a fan favourite.

Victoria P. got some camera time by getting motion sickness on a zero-gravity machine because in case you forgot, Peter’s seemingly stand-alone defining feature is the fact he is a pilot. Pilot Pete ran to her aid and brought her water while she was sick, which she claimed was the best a guy had ever treated her. All I have to say about that is it is disappointing for her and embarrassing for any guy she’s ever dated.

“So far, this season seems faker than past Bachelor seasons […] it seems like people are on the show to cause drama, instead of find love,” said Liana Biktimirova, a Bachelor fan of four years. “I feel like there will be a lot of drama because they have brought Hannah B. in multiple of times. A lot of girls seem to be there just for the drama.”

Caplan agrees that this season is unprecedented drama-wise.

“It is pretty different than the past seasons. There are about five main girls and that is all the show talks about. They [the producers] definitely picked very dramatic girls. By episode two, girls are already saying they want to go home, which is so dramatic and staged,” said Caplan.

One thing this season has that was a much-needed update from previous seasons, is diversity. Finally, the mansion is not exclusively blonde, white girls. The Bachelor has faced significant push back regarding the lack of diversity of contestants. Thankfully, Peter’s season has diverse contestants, more so than any other season.

This season has started with a bang and is definitely going to have some twists and turns. So far the girls are competitive, catty and willing to do anything for Peter’s attention. Sneak peeks have revealed that more previous Bachelor stars will be making an appearance, namely Demi Burnett, a fan favourite.

No matter how hard I try to stop watching this show, it is addictive, entertaining and even hilarious at times and Peter’s season has not disappointed yet. My prediction is that there is going to be a lot of tears and a lot of sore losing. So far, this season has been hard to watch, as the girls have exploded over a lack of validation from Peter or blown up at other contestants for tricycle races and bottles of champagne. There used to be a certain charming touch to The Bachelor, at least at the start, but so far this season has come across as gimmicky and purposely toxic. Hopefully, Pilot Pete turns this season around and recentres the show on finding a wife, not pitting the girls against each other in catty fights. The claws are definitely out and by the looks of it, they are here to stay.

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