Upcoming mental health events at Brock

Brock University was ranked number one for the second straight time this year for its mental health support for students in Maclean’s University Rankings. With midterms fast approaching, students on campus are vulnerable to mental stress, anxiety and panic attacks. However, along with the on-going mental health support, three mental health events are coming up this semester for students who want to gain valuable insight on mental health issues or if they want to help a friend struggling with mental health problems.

The three workshops will be free of charge and will be organized with the funding received from the Great Westlife Mindful Campus Grant. The workshops were purposefully aligned with the annual initiative Bell Let’s Talk, that addresses mental health issues across Canada.

Brock Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (SWAC) will be collaborating with  Human Resources to run these workshops. SWAC, in a public report, discussed the intention behind these workshops, saying it is critical for individuals to always keep a check on their mental health. To address mental health issues effectively, the community collectively needs to treat mental health with the equal concern they share for physical health.

On Tuesday, January 28, The Working Mind manager training will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Plaza 600F. The workshop will serve leaders, managers and individuals who seek to engage in practical conversations with their peers and subordinates. The workshop will teach people in higher positions at Brock the methodologies to support the mental health of their employees. The training explicitly serves to improve the general office environment at Brock University by educating managers and employees to effectively address mental health issues.

On Thursday, January 30, the Mental Health First Aid Youth course will take place for the second time this academic year. The course provides participants with a certification in mental health First Aid. The training targets students and youth aged 12 to 24 suffering from anxiety, depression, deliberate self-harm and psychosis. The workshop will cover bipolar disorder, trauma-related disorders and substance-related disorders. In addition to these topics, the full two-day course will also cover suicidal behaviour, overdoses and panic attacks, acute stress reactions, top traumatic events and psychotic episodes. The course will come to an end on its second day on Jan. 31.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is another two-day workshop that will take place on the same dates as first aid youth. The training program will equip participants with valuable information about engaging with a suicidal person and eventually preventing him or her from doing so. The training will incorporate the skill of developing a plan in crisis.

For more information on these and other mental health training opportunities, contact Julie Fennell, Health Promotion Educator for SWAC at x5861 and jfennell@brocku.ca or Kathryn Walker, Manager, Health Management and Wellness at x6086 and kwalker6@brocku.ca.

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