Brock HRE’s Sexual Violence Education Centre launches P2P drop-in

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Brock’s Human Rights and Equity’s (HRE) Sexual Violence Support, Education and Prevention team have officially launched their Peer-to-peer (P2P) drop-in services. To celebrate the launch, the team will be facilitating a week full of activities.

As of Monday, January 20, the P2P drop-in services will be located in WH 205 on a weekly basis Monday – Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for the rest of the semester.

Students who attend the P2P drop-in will be able to receive information on services provided at Brock and within the community that pertain to sexual violence and human rights issues. The team is hoping to create a space where students can feel safe to make disclosures, find resources and learn more about the HRE department at Brock.

For the launch week, the team will be facilitating a number of board games, colouring and word puzzles. The team will be serving free pizza on Jan. 23. Coffee tickets will also be handed out during the duration of launch week. All activities will take place within the hours of operation of the drop-in centre and will only be occurring during the launch week unless otherwise specified.

The HRE department as a whole function as a resource for all Brock community members to provide information, education, assistance and advise issues related to human rights harassment and discrimination. Within the department there are several specific aspects of programming and support offered. The department provides resources on topics of accessibility, racism, sexual violence and intercultural awareness. Additionally, the HRE department helps oversee the running of the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, Equity, and Decolonization (PACHRED), which is tasked with advising Brock’s president on the recommendations of the Human Rights Task Force’s final report and issues relating to human rights, equity, and decolonization.

In addition to the P2P drop-in, the HRE department also hosts many workshops on a weekly basis. Also, on Monday, the department launched their Consent Week 2020 which will focus on teaching students about what consent is and why it is important. In the coming weeks, Brock’s HRE team will be hosting their ‘Suicide Intervention for Weirdos, Freaks, and Queers’ workshop and the Niagara Social Justice Forum 2020 which is a day-long workshop focusing on a variety of social justice issues.

Individuals interested in finding more information about Brock’s HRE department or the Sexual Violence Support, Education and Prevention team specifically can visit or contact Larisa Fry, the sexual violence support and education coordinator. She can be reached at (905) 688 5550 x 6174,, or in MC E215.

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