Holiday snacks power rankings

Photo Credit: Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Dilyara Garifullina on Unsplash

Food plays a big part in the tradition and celebration of any holiday; oftentimes it is the best part. With literally thousands of different holiday dishes eaten around the world, it is impossible to take them all into account when creating this list — so I have decided to compile a list of some of my favourite holiday snacks. After much deliberation, my list goes as such:


  1. Ginger Cookies

I’m going to kind of cheat here and put all ‘ginger-related’ cookies in this broad category because I can’t decide which is better between a gingersnap, ginger-molasses cookie or a classic gingerbread man. You’ve got a varying array of textures here: the unmistakable ‘snap’ of a gingersnap, the soft, gooey bite that you get from a ginger-molasses cookie and the mental image of Lord Farquaad torturing the Gingerbread Man from Shrek as you bite off the head of your gingerbread man.


  1. Terry’s Chocolate Orange

While this isn’t a holiday food per se, it is definitely more prominently found on shelves in December. Orange and chocolate isn’t everybody’s favourite combo, but it sure is mine. I don’t know who Terry is but they sure nailed the flavour and gimmick of their patented orange. One pop on the top of the orange and it magically falls apart into individual slices of chocolate-orangey goodness.


  1. Sufganiyot

A Hanukkah classic makes the list. Sufganiyot is a dangerously thick doughy donut stuffed with jelly — usually strawberry or raspberry — then dusted in a misty rain of powdered sugar and served. My favourite filling has to be raspberry, but there’s really no wrong answer here. Occasionally you’ll see a soufganiyah filled with custard — also incredible. This Israeli desert continues to skyrocket this list year after year.


  1. Leftover Turkey Sandwich

The day-after leftover turkey sandwich will forever have a place amongst my favourite sandwiches — something about cold, smokey turkey is more appealing than hot turkey the night of. Shave some of that cold turkey off, plop it on some bread with the leftover stuffing and cranberry sauce, and you’ve got yourself a perfect snack, be it noon or 12 a.m. Maybe you want to heat up some gravy and pour it over the turkey open-face style. That is also a good idea. The important lesson here is always buy a bigger turkey to ensure leftovers will be plenty.


  1. Latkes

This Hanukkah staple is undoubtedly my favourite holiday food — grated potatoes, a little bit of onion, packed into a small disc before fried to a perfect golden crisp? Doesn’t get much better than that. While they are crunchy and delicious on their own, latkes also make for a sturdy base for a variety of toppings: feeling like something sweet? Sprinkle some sugar on it and enjoy. Tang? Sour cream goes great. But my personal favourite topping has to be applesauce. The crunchy and crispy latke, mixed with the cool, sweet dollop of applesauce makes for the perfect bite.

No wonder everybody’s New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym or get in shape, because virtually every holiday food is grossly unhealthy but incredibly delicious. Good luck everyone.

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