Supporting local artisans through the Shop Small Market Crawl

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

The Shop Small Market Crawl is set to support the St. Catharines downtown core and small maker artisans, ultimately strengthening community relationships.

Mazie Bones and her committee want to introduce the community to small businesses and artisans through this fun event set for November 24, 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The event gives people the opportunity to see the talented artists showcased and experience the downtown core through the businesses already established there.

“I think with a city like St. Catharines, it is so creative in every way and in downtown specifically, there is so much more than the downtown businesses. As much as we love them there are so many people, especially younger generations, who are trying to make jobs for themselves. And I think that there really is something valuable in creating connection between small makers and local businesses,” said Mazie Bones, event organizer and owner of Cozy Bones.

They have organized 13 venues with 100 vendors to visit. During the event, the businesses downtown will allow these artisans a space to sell their art and creations.  Through the support of these existing businesses, new ones will have a chance to make a start.

“You are not only supporting your community and your city but you are supporting small makers who are living off their passion,” said Bones. “What we are trying to do in downtown St. Catharines is to make markets and events like this accessible to new makers.”

To heighten the experience a passport will be available to collect stamps from different locations. If attendees collect six stamps they get one entry into a draw, collect 12 and they get three entries and if they share the event online they get another entry.  Maps to the various locations are included in the passport. Some of the locations attendees can visit include The Brazen Cafe, Beechwood Doughnuts, Hometown Ice Cream, Warehouse Concert Hall and Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.

This is Mazie’s second year of organizing events in the downtown core. Through making the events accessible and making opportunities for artisans to get their names out there supports everyone the whole community.

“I like to call us more of a family a creative family and when we grow together we are all growing a lot more.”

For more information on the Shop Small Market Crawl, interested individuals can visit their Instagram @shopsmallmarketcrawl and Facebook page.

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