Support kidpreneurs at the Niagara Children’s Business Fair

Photo Credit: Pexels

Photo Credit: Pexels

Kids aged six to 14 years old can show off their businesses at Niagara Children’s Business Fair at Balls Falls this weekend. Join them as they sell their products and services and possibly learn a thing or two about business from these Kidprenuers.

The fair has 28 tables and 35 kids who have designed their own businesses through working with mentors on their launch day in October, the kidpreneurs worked in groups to learn about starting their own business.

“Local entrepreneurs guide sessions so the kids can learn different skills. They developed their brand, different marketing strategies, business planning, customer service skills, how to display their table for success and taking product photography as well. So they had a day where they built their skills then that experience leads up to the fair. It is not just a table there is so much more involved,” said Jessica Estabrooks, event organizer.

This is the first year Estabrooks and her partner Cathy Bouwers have taken on this venture. Estabrooks was looking for experiential learning for her son when they found this program through Acton Children’s Business Fair which is a part of Acton Academy, a company out of the United States. Since Estabrooks found there were not many opportunities for children to be entrepreneurs in Niagara, they were eager to offer this program.

The kids have come up with a variety of business and products to sell.  According to Estabrooks there are hair accessories, holiday gifts, jewellery, art, cookies, scooter lessons and more.

They intend to run the program again next year.

“It would be wonderful to get [a Brock students] experience and have somebody who is pretty close in age to guide the kids. I think that would be great for the kids for inspiration.”

Brock students could learn from the kidpreneurs as well.

“I think if anything they may be inspired by them because some of these kids are six years old and already they are producing and developing these habits early and I think that is key,” said Estabrooks.

Join the kidpreneurs to shop and support their businesses from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at the Ball’s Falls Centre for Conservation. Parking and admission is free but they are asking for a snack donation like goldfish or granola bars to go to the Community Crew who help with school lunch programs.  Please note this is a cash only event if you would like to purchase any of the kidpreneurs products.

Individuals who want to get involved for the next round as a mentor can contact for more information. Brock students who feel they would make great business mentors are also encouraged to volunteer their time to the kidpreneurs.

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