Student involvement soars: St. Catharines Santa Claus Parade

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Brock’s mascot, Boomer and a group of 20 holiday Badgers represented Brock in downtown St. Catharines at the Santa Claus parade this past Sunday evening.

On Sunday, November 17, participants arrived at Brock’s Parade float by the Meridian Centre at 4:15 p.m. to join in the holiday celebration.

The weather was calm and chilly but students were decked out in Brock gear, warm coats and holiday headwear. Boomer showed up to join the Brock holiday spirit. As it got closer to the start time the energy ramped up. The float lit up in white lights with Boomer on the seat of honour in the Brock sleigh. With a thumbs up the parade was on it’s way with the Brock participants surrounded by holiday music, drums and carollers from the other parade floats.

“Part of [getting involved] is to have more experiences that are not just academic when you are at university. Being involved is about having these experiences that you can look back on when you are not university and really appreciate,” said Megan Punter, a first-year concurrent education student who participated in the parade.

Many students who participated on Sunday enjoyed the chance for community involvement that the event provided them.

“[I like] the spirit of Christmas, giving back to the community and seeing everyone coming out for the floats. It is the holiday spirit,” said Rocky Brar, a fourth-year psychology major.

“I am super excited and I like how [the parade] means getting involved with the community and not just the school,” said Alyssa Gauthier, a first-year applied linguistics student.

“I love the Christmas spirit, I love being a part of it. It is a joy that you see and handing out candy to all the kids is just a lot of fun,” said Alyssa Houlden, a first-year psychology student

The float was organized by Student Life to get students involved and to think beyond their academics. Participation in the parade also aided in the completion of Brock’s Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum.

“If you come to school and just leave you are not getting the full experience as to what Brock has to offer. We always want students to try to at least try everything that they are interested in. [Students] will have much more fun around here and will make school a real experience … It is a nice way to round out your experience and offers different opportunities towards your future career and your life in general,” said Elayna Mottley, Student Life assistant at Student Life and Community Experience.

Interested students have another opportunity to get involved in the Thorold Santa Claus parade on Saturday, November 30. Go to ExperienceBU for more information.

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