Fellman, Olmstead medal at Brock Fencing Open

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

This past weekend the Brock Badgers fencing team hosted their annual Brock Open.

The Brock Open is one of the largest two-day fencing competitions in Canada. The competition hosted roughly 650 competitors this year, ranging from all over Ontario, New York, Quebec and also featured one athlete from Manitoba.

“It’s been a phenomenal weekend. What makes this event really popular, we have almost every age group represented, so we’ll have from under 13 all the way up to over 45 and in the 45 and over category we’ll have competitors as old as 75 and 80,” said Badgers head coach Tim Stang.

Brock had two athletes medal at the competition, both earning bronze.

First-year Sara Fellman, out of Brooklyn, New York, captured bronze for the Badgers in the Senior Women’s Foil event on Saturday.

“Phenomenal result, we haven’t had a medal in women’s foil in about five or six years. It’s a strong field to compete in, she did phenomenal,” said Stang. “Sara being a freshman, [it was her] first performance at this competition, to get a medal is unheard of, so we’re expecting great results in the coming championship season. She’s quite a fierce competitor, very fiery, passionate and like in any combative sport your passion and drive can bring you a win, just as much as the technical and tactical skill.”

Third-year Aaron Olmstead, from Kingston, was the only other Badger to medal, also earning a bronze. Olmstead, a kinesiology major, participated in the Senior Men’s Foil event.

Stang has high expectations for his team this season. He hopes the program will be able to win an illustrious banner.

“Last year in the men’s division, we finished fourth, we’re hoping this year to be in the banner contention and everything is kind of pushing that way,” said Stang. “We’ve added a lot of strength our team. It’s kind of interesting, being an individual sport, we compete both as individuals and as a team relay and you can’t achieve the banner unless you perform decently in both.”

“You can have absolute stars but unless you can put it together and work as a cohesive team, you can’t win the banner. So it has that really cool nature to it. Interesting enough we have the three disciplines, so foil, épée, sabre and then we have the two genders. It makes for an interesting dynamic being a co-ed team and a lot of unique personalities you have to work with to pull that together, you need different strengths, both individually and as a team,” said Stang.

Next up for the fencing team is the Newmarket Invitational on Nov. 30, the event will take place Newmarket High School.

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