Experience local artisan work at the Mahtay Cafe’s Craftmas

Photo Credit: Nicole Garneau

Photo Credit: Nicole Garneau

The Mahtay Cafe and Lounge will be hosting its fourth annual Craftmas Artisan Market (CAM).

CAM allows artisans to come together and exhibit their hand-crafted products. Get a jump on holiday shopping as the market will include art, ceramics, soaps, skin care, greenery and knitwear. Around the holidays, there are numerous craft shows happening in the Niagara Region but this event is different. The small community atmosphere in downtown St. Catharines makes this event unique.

“Mahtay Cafe is a place that puts so much into community involvement. They want to help out other businesses and other people who are dedicated to the community so this small intimate location is a really good way to meet the makers one on one and really see and respect their craft,” said Sarah Milan, coordinator of the event and owner of Sarah’s Soaps.

The opportunity to speak with a local artisan who can share their knowledge and expertise is a one of a kind opportunity.

“Nothing beats coming in person to meet the makers and seeing what they have done one on one, being able to talk to them and have them explain their process to you,” said Milan.

Some of the businesses that will be able to share their products include Card by Bex, It’s All My Felt, Knots Just Knits Niagara, Mother’s Touch Candles, Christina Perris Jewellery and more. Milan will also be there with her vegan, plant based products, which are also hand-crafted. There are benefits to purchasing products from these artisans who take the time to hand-craft each items.

“You are going to be able to see the quality in handmade products,” said Milan. “Someone is making your item one piece at a time so you are going to be able to see the craftsmanship that is in each and every product. [For example] in the sewing, every single stitch is done by hand, or in the jewellery everything is soldered and laid into place.”

These personal touches make the experience of the CAM a great place to find unique items for family or friends or even to buy something special for a treat. Aside from the products the event also supports local businesses.

“People can expect an inviting and welcoming place, somewhere everyone is welcome to get food, drinks and experience all the talent that Niagara has to offer,” said Milan.

Join Milan and the other artisans at Mahtay’s Cafe and Lounge at 241 St. Paul St. on Saturday, November 16 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information visit Mahtay’s events page at mahtay.ca.

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