Editorial: taking the bus is more hassle than help


It seems around this time of year when it begins to get a little cold and the chance for snow increases, the buses become more packed than ever. It’s no coincidence then that also around this time of year, everyone seems to forget simple bus etiquette.

First of all, please, for the sake of all of our time, do not be that person who gets on the bus without their student card or bus pass ready in hand. I mean, if you’ve sprinted to try to catch the bus, that’s one thing (even though we all know the sprint isn’t worth it, that bus driver is not waiting for you). If you’ve been waiting for a few minutes, or say 20 minutes, and you get on the bus and then proceed to take off your backpack, open up all the wrong pockets while the rest of us stand outside in the cold — you need to plan better, okay?

Now when you’re on the bus, we’ve all lived through the leg workout that is — holding onto the yellow pole, managing to stay in an upright stance without bumping into anyone while remaining completely composed so no one can see how panicked you are that you might just fall into the aisle if the bus comes to a halt. So, when you see your fellow bus-mates trying to manage that challenge — meanwhile having your backpack take up an entire seat for itself — you are definitely neglecting bus etiquette. Why can’t you sit with your backpack on your lap like the rest of us? If your bag is too special to sit in the seat with you, you probably are too special to be riding the bus.

Some buses are crazy busy at certain parts of the day — when you’re on those packed buses and someone is trying to get off, don’t just stand there and let them try to body check their way through everyone (just to get to the door right as it closes because the bus driver didn’t see them). Step outside the bus for people to get off and then get back on. It’s so much less complicated than people trying to squeeze through each other.

Come on people, we all want to have a somewhat decent bus ride each day. Let’s remember to have good etiquette.


-Isabelle Cropper

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