Brock Man-Cakes Breakfast and Activities Expo: Masculinity & Sexual Violence

Photo Credit: Mae Mu on Unsplash

Photo Credit: Mae Mu on Unsplash

As part of the Brock University sexual violence awareness & prevention campaign, the Human Rights and Equity (HRE) office, in conjunction with BUSU and various community partners, will be hosting its inaugural Man-Cakes Breakfast and Activities Expo.

The event will be hosted inside of Isaac’s Bar & Grill on Monday, November 25, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

This free campus-wide breakfast and fair will focus on the themes of masculinity, healthy relationships, sex and sexual violence. Community partners such as Committee Against Rape and Sexual Assault (CARSA), The White Ribbon Project and Positive Living Niagara will be at the event addressing different aspects of sexual violence such as race, gender and sexual identity. Additionally, there will be numerous HRE game booths where attendees will have the chance to win over $250 in prizes.

Through these booths, discussions and activities, students will be invited to learn more about sex and sexual violence both on and off campus as well as how they can play a part in sexual violence prevention.

With an emphasis on men and masculinity, the Man-Cakes breakfast aims to highlight how male and male identifying Brock students in particular can more actively serve as allies and participate in the dialogue surrounding sexual violence prevention.

“For too long conversations about sexual violence have placed undue blame, burden and responsibility on the overwhelmingly female victims of sexual violence — one in three women. Women are socialized from an early age to be hypervigilant of sexual assault. With media, schools and parents continually impressing upon young and growing women the need for them to protect themselves from and educate themselves on sexual violence in order to be safe,” said Jermaine Marshall, HRE intercultural assistant and workshop coordinator. “However, men are rarely engaged with at the social or institutional level on how sexual violence also uniquely affects and involves them. In a society in which sexual violence prevention is often treated as a ‘woman’s issue’, it has become increasingly necessary to rewrite the narrative and emphasize how sexual violence is an everybody issue.”

As such, HRE’s Man-Cakes breakfast hopes to provide an ideal opportunity for interested male and male identifying students to become part of the sexual violence prevention campaign.

For more information about the Man-Cakes breakfast interested individuals are encouraged to contact Jermaine Marshall at To find out more about Brock’s HRE department and other initiatives, students are encouraged to visit

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