Unblur the lines: consent, drug abuse and healthy relationships

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Brock’s Human Rights and Equity (HRE) department, along with the Student Health and Wellness Hub (The Hub), have partnered to create an informative event called Unblur the Lines. The event focuses on maintaining healthy relationships, consent, drug abuse, drunk driving alternatives and safe partying tips.

The main purpose of the event is to talk about taboo topics and provide clear educational answers for students so they can stay safe and have access to beneficial resources in the community.

The event would not be possible without the hard work of HRE and The Hub. HRE is responsible for sexual education, sexual violence and support whereas The Hub focuses on drug abuse.

The event will be taking place on October 30, 2019 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Guernsey Market. The event is free and all are welcome to attend. During the event, students are encouraged to visit the multiple vendors. There will be a passport to complete based on each vendor attended and those that fill up their passport will get a free slice of pizza. There will also be candy handed out.

“We have a variety of different vendors coming such as different resources in St. Catharines and in the Niagara Region about consent, sexual violence, substance use. There will be six vendors from HRE centre and five vendors from The Hub. Vendors include YWCA, Positive Living, Gillian’s Place and more. The vendors will be covering a wide range of topics from cannabis use to safe relationships,” said Teagan Foord, Sexual Violence Support and Education Peer to Peer Support for HRE.

The HRE team will be answering questions regarding the necessity of consent. It is important that students are given the right sexual education so they can remain safe.

According to the Canadian Federation of Students, “One in five women and one in six men experience sexual assault while attending a post-secondary institution. It is no understatement that sexual assault continues to be a very serious issue at every single college and university campus in Ontario.”

The event will also touch on drug abuse as well as how to eliminate the issue of drunk driving. There will also be a Mario Kart table which will have goggles to simulate the effects of drunk driving. According to Statistics Canada, it is estimated that four to five million Canadians engage in high risk driving, which is linked to motor vehicle accidents.

In addition, the event will talk about how to recognize a healthy relationship.

The event is meant to be a safe space for students where they are welcome to ask any questions.

“There are no such thing as a bad questions when it comes to the blurry topics that we are going to talk about and that’s the reason why it is called Unblur the Lines,” said Foord.

In previous years, the Student Justice Centre has hosted the event along with other organizations on campus, however changes were made this year.

“HRE has taken over because they are a new team this year so there is a whole committee of people committed to sexual violence education and support that is new this year. There are all new resources and their all trained to understand the blurry lines of consent, they are prepared to help unblur the lines to help Brock be a safer place for Brock students, staff and community members,” said Foord.

If anyone is interested in learning more about Unblur the Lines please contact Larisa Frye at svsec@brocku.ca or The Hub at TH134 from Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If a person is in immediate crisis or danger please call the Niagara Sexual Health Centre 24 hour crisis line at 905-682-4584 or 911.

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