Taste St. Catharines: an event for the whole family

Photo Credit: St. Catharines Tourism

Photo Credit: St. Catharines Tourism

The first annual Taste St. Catharines focuses on food, drink, community and fun and will take place in the St. Catharines downtown Market Square. The event has partnered with Food4Kids Niagara to help children who go hungry right here in Niagara.

Taste St. Catharines will be held on Sunday October 13, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  This family friendly event will offer something for everyone: artisans, vendors, food trucks, drinks, face painting, board games and music. The cost is $5 for teens and adults while children 12 and under are free. In addition to being a family event, it is an opportunity to highlight some of the businesses in the area like Frontier Barber and Ludology Board Game Cafe.

“This event is important to the community because it helps to advertise and support local and smaller businesses. I like that aspect of [building] a St. Catharines community,” said Milan Curcic, owner and operator of Taste St. Catharines.

Some of the vendors include Refined Linery, Arylnne Tiongsong Bags, Sarah Beara Art Parties and Niagara Clothing Company.

Alfie’s Lemonde, Backcountry Coffee Company and Port Dalhousie Supply Company will help to quench a variety of thirsts with both soft and hard drinks.

Food will be a big theme for this event. Plenty of vendors will be in attendance such as MeltDown Cheesery, Carson’s Gastro Fare, Valentino’s Shortstop Hotdogs, Twenty Kitchen and Bar, CHZ PLZ, Paz Bakery and many more.

Curcic’s connection with food makes partnering with Food4Kids Niagara a natural pair.

“I decided to partner with Food4Kids Niagara. Mainly because growing up I never went hungry. Then learning about our community and the Niagara Region and coming to the realization that there are kids who don’t necessarily have lunch on the weekend and don’t have enough food. It is eye opening and hits home because I never had to struggle.  It is sad and unfortunate that in today’s day and age we have kids in Canada who are going hungry,” said Curcic.

Food4Kids Niagara is a program for children who do not have food at home on the weekends. Curcic hopes the event will bring awareness to child food security issues in the community. Amber Hughes, the executive director of Food4Kids Niagara also speaks of the importance of the program.

“We think of things like do [kids] have winter hats and coats and those types of things but you just assume everyone has food and the sad reality is that they don’t. We’re here to fill that gap and we make sure they go to school hungry to learn and not hungry for food. That will be key in their success. We are so thankful to Milan for choosing to partner with us at this event,” says Hughes.

Join Curcic at this Thanksgiving weekend event, bring a non-perishable food item and help support Food4Kids Niagara.

For more information got to tastestcatharines.com and visit the Events tab for the Taste St. Catharines 2019 link. Contact Food4Kids Niagara at food4kidsniagara.ca

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