No carve pumpkin crafts

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Gerry

Carving pumpkins is fun, sure, but student houses notoriously lack basic kitchen utensils, let alone a set of sharp knives. These pumpkin crafts are perfect because they require only dollar store materials students can easily get their hands on. Before starting any of these crafts, make sure to lay newspaper down on the table and wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

  1. M&Ms

You’ll need about five tiny pumpkins for this craft, a bowl and five different colours of paint (of your choice, but white and black are necessities). Paint each miniature pumpkin a different colour and let dry. Add a black “M” with a white outline onto each pumpkin. Place them on top of each other in a bowl and voilà! You will have a bowl of pumpkin M&Ms, use this as a centre-piece or decoration to add some spook to any space in your house.

  1. Ghost

This one is fairly simple, but perfect to decorate a front porch without getting out the carving utensils. You will need one (or more) medium size white pumpkins and black paint. Simply paint black eyes and a mouth on the white pumpkins to create a cute ghost face.

  1. Gremlins

For this Halloween craft, you will need a couple of knucklehead pumpkins, white card stalk, hot glue, hot glue gun and toothpicks. On the construction paper, stencil out cartoon eyes and a mouth, creating whatever expression you want. Cut out the facial features and hot glue the paper to separate toothpicks. Stab the toothpicks into the knucklehead however you want to create a unique face. The depth added by the toothpicks will give these pumpkins a pop-art look and make the facial features really stand out. Ears, hands or hair can also be added to these little gremlins to make them extra unique. These work perfectly for decorating a vanity or desk.

  1. Painted Pumpkins

For those looking for an aesthetically pleasing Halloween, this craft is perfect. Grab whatever size pumpkins you want to sprinkle throughout your living space. Pick three monochromatic colours that fit your current home aesthetic. From there, paint the pumpkins with simple patterns like stripes around the circumference, polka-dots, geometric lines or ombre. Covering the entire pumpkin in paint is important so that the shape of the pumpkin is accentuated, not the colour. Add sparkles, or rhinestones for an extra pop.

  1. Emoji Pumpkins

Back to miniature pumpkins for this craft! You will need yellow, black and white paint. Pick some of your favourite emojis, stencil them onto the pumpkins and paint away. This would be a fun group activity that would take wine and paint night to the next level.

  1. Marbled Pumpkins

This is on the messier side, but the final outcome is worth it. You will need a lot of multicoloured paint, a disposable bowl, plastic gloves and miniature pumpkins. Pour the paint into a bowl, combining an even number of light and dark colours, mix very lightly (do not stir). Dip the pumpkin in gently, when you pull it out it will look marbled! Trial and error may come in handy, but the beauty of marbling is it looks good even when it is messy.

  1. Mummy Pumpkins

For a mummy pumpkin, you need a medium size pumpkin, a sharpie and white bandages (white hockey tape would work too). Wrap your pumpkin up as tightly or loosely as you want, leaving space about halfway down do draw eyes onto the pumpkin.

All these easy pumpkin crafts would be a great group activity, with kids or with housemates or as an individual DIY project. Whether to decorate your house, porch or room, these pumpkins will spook up any space.  Edit the crafts as needed to be able to create festive pumpkins with the materials available to you.

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