National Days: just a random reason to celebrate?

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

There is a “national day” for just about everything, from ice cream to plants to teachers.
October 1 is home to a number of national days. Today, a person could celebrate homemade cookies, hair, fire pups and black dogs. Internationally, friends and family or co-workers can celebrate older persons and coffee. It is also World Vegetarian Day. There are many reasons to celebrate today.

Most people do not know these “national days” beyond the most famous ones like Victoria Day or Labour Day. However, there are tons of fun and meaningful days to observe.

A national day is a specific day set to recognize a place, thing, event or person that is considered important to a specific subset of the population.

What could a national day be used for? A reason to celebrate. They have been known to make money, like Amazon Prime Day. Perhaps a national day can inspire a fundraising initiative or a random act of kindness (RAK)? What would someone do on Homemade Cookies Day or Fire Pup Day? Students at Brock weighed in on which national day event to celebrate on October 1.

The most popular event to celebrate today was Homemade Cookies Day, with the majority of those interviewed indicating they would celebrate this day.

“As a random act of kindness on this day, I could bake cookies for friends who may be going through tough times to lighten their mood,” said Mitchell Ianiero, a first-year Medical Sciences student.

“I would do baking with friends and sharing our creations,” said Kellie Williamson, a fifth year BBA dual degree student.

The dog days also got in on the celebration.

“I could do some volunteer jobs and introduce some information for others [on Fire Pups],” said Yilin Wang, a fourth-year BBA student.

International Coffee Day was important to many students and probably easy to do as a random act of kindness. There are trends in sharing coffee in a random act of kindness by paying for the person next in line at the coffee shop drive in.

“I would buy another person a coffee. They’re not expensive at all and everyone likes to have some form of caffeine,” said Divya Alex, a second year Medical Sciences student.

The most touching day is Older Person’s Day, which had many fans who wanted to tell older people they were appreciated or give them a hug or bring them a sweet treat.

“I could go up to someone who looks older and give them either flowers or a cup of coffee. I would say thank you for being you and tell them I appreciate them,” said Laura Naccarato, a third-year Kinesiology student.

Students were very willing to offer suggestions about what they could do for others on these national days. It proves that Brock students have a lot of heart. As a personal challenge, try to pick a national day and make it about someone else.

For more information on specific national days check out or

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