Game Research and Development Club hosts Tabletop Game Night

Photo Credit: Sarah Conard

Photo Credit: Sarah Conard

Join Brock University’s Game Research and Development Club (GRDC) to learn about how to approach game creation, socializing, networking, testing games and more at their Tabletop Game Night.

The event will be held on Friday, November 1, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in WH311.

The Tabletop Game Night will provide an opportunity for designers to test out game ideas and play games that they bring along.

“We would greatly encourage people to bring in things that they want to play test or want to get user feedback on but there will be board games that have been published by more reputable sources so people can sit down have fun and enjoy themselves,” said Nathan Lantz, president of GRDC.

The event will provide an opportunity for different programs to come together to play games, connect and socialize while sharing their skill sets. This game night is only one of the events GRDC organizes. They also hold workshops on programming and project management, which according to Lantz, discuss how to develop a project from beginning to end.

Lantz started the club three years ago when he began the Game Design program at Brock University. Lantz felt there was a need for this club as the tabletop games club originally did not address the research and development of games.

“The GRDC exists for those [people] who are trying to make their own digital or analog game products like video games, board games and verbal talk games,” said Lantz.

Tabletop games continue to play an important role even though society often focuses more on digital games.

“Honestly, a lot of the principles carry over and a lot of the people who are part of the club are not necessarily into digital games. They are more interested in the analog board games and social games like card games and stuff. And at the same time when you are making a digital game, it is good to start with the paper prototype and something that is simpler like bringing in basic materials that you can test before you get into the digital more complicated programming of Unity or Java. It is best to lay it out in front of you and gather people around to see what they can visualize in their heads,” said Lantz.

The club allows for testing games, socializing, networking, as well as providing knowledge around game design and local information like news and events at Innovate Niagara as well as things happening in Toronto and globally. But everyone is welcome to the game night.

“The main thing about our club is that it gives other people an open door. If you are interested in game development we can help you get started,” said Lantz.

There will be additional dates for this fun night posted on ExperienceBU. Interested students can also visit the Game Research and Development Club Facebook page for more information.

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