Experience Brazilian culture through dance classes at Brock

Photo Credit: Smart Street Brazil

Photo Credit: Smart Street Brazil

Brock students are invited to kick up their feet with Brock International for a night of free Brazilian dance lessons.

Join instructor Karen Roedel as she teaches this class on October 23, 2019 at the International Centre in GLB 104. Lessons will run from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Brazilian dance is a variation of rhythms that are inspired by Bossa Nova, Samba, Forro and other sounds. During the classes Roedel tries to present some of the different varieties of these dances like Samba Rock. Some songs have strong drums and instruments to really bring the rhythm alive. Brazilian dance is not just about the Samba but many types of rhythms. In Brazil you can find these dances in the different regions you visit but in bigger cities you can visit different establishments to enjoy specific dances as many people have come to live in the cities from all over.

“The presence of these dances is very common and it is part of our daily life. You can hear the music on the radio. In the subway they are playing songs and when we go out, they have songs to dance to and we go out to dance these rhythms. It is very rooted in our culture,” said Roedel.

Even though Samba is very present in Brazil, it is more than the single dance that is presented in the media. Roedel tries to introduce attendees to different aspects of Brazilian culture so they can learn about the country more.

Beyond learning about the culture, taking part in the lessons has health benefits, too.  According to Roedel it is good for the brain, memory and heart. But the best part for Karen is to see how happy people feel at the lessons and to see them leave excited about Braziliian dance.

“Brazilian dance classes are important for Brock and students because they are a great way to bring cultural awareness to students who aren’t familiar with Brazil’s history or culture.  They are also a great way to destress for a few hours from the pressures of school,” said Danielle Sobers, student assistant for Brock International Services.

Roedel intends to try new things, new singers, new songs and different rhythms so that every lesson is a new experience.

But if the steps are worrisome or if this is a person’s first time doing Samba — she encouraged them to join in with an open mind.

“It is about how you are feeling, about the music and how you express yourself more than the steps or choreography. I think that the Brazilian rhythm gives you the freedom to just enjoy and be happy,” said Roedel.

Join Roedel and Brock International with your dancing shoes and comfortable clothing for a night of fun, fitness, freedom and Brazillian dance. Can’t make it out to this class? There will be another opportunity to join in on November 20, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

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