Exam season is here so it’s time to prepare

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Photo Credit: Google Images

Whether someone is in their first year of university and is preparing to write their first set of midterms or is in their last year of university, doing well on midterms requires intensive preparation. As the famous saying goes “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Before the studying process even begins, it is important that students choose a study environment that is right for them. Everyone is unique and what works best for one person may not work best for another person. That’s why it’s vital that students find out where they study best.

The library at Brock accommodates a variety of students based on how they prefer to study. There are also great study areas on campus such as the Cairns building, the geography library, General Brock, the Goodman School of Business Atrium and Guernsey Market.

Some people may not be able to study on campus at all and prefer studying at home. If that is the case, it is important to minimize distractions.

Students have various commitments that they take on. During a busy time it is important to prioritize their health and school first and evaluate other priorities based on their importance.

Students should take the time to plan their study schedule and plan other tasks in their day along with it.

Active learning is an important part of retaining information like studying key concepts for a test. Passive learning, such as simply reading the text, tends not to help a student memorize material efficiently.  Ways of active learning include making flashcards, making mock tests, teaching someone else and discussing study concepts with friends.

Before taking an exam, it is important that students eat, sleep well and exercise. It often provides the necessary energy to get through exams and be able to focus on the questions.

If students are confused on certain course concepts or what they have learned throughout the course, it is important that they utilize the professor’s office hours. Professors are always willing to help and they want to see students succeed. They are available to answer students questions at a one-on-one level.

Brock has resources available on campus to help students succeed. Undergraduate students can seek out chemistry, biology and writing and study Skills at A-Z Learning Services’ drop in centres. Students who desire help with other subject areas are also able to book tutoring sessions through A-Z Learning Services, albeit at a cost.

Test anxiety is common but by taking frequent breaks while studying, making positive affirmations and making good use of their time, students can feel more comfortable walking into exams.

A-Z Learning Services is located in TH 129, the Student Success Centre, for the writing and study skills drop in  or TH133 which for the science drop in. A-Z learning also offers various workshops to help with exam schedule planning and various other learning strategies that can help make a student more successful during exam time or throughout the school year.

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