Every runner is a superhero to the Niagara Children’s Centre

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Photo Credit: Zoe Archambault

Superheroes visited the city of St. Catharines once again to support the Niagara Children’s Centre.

Niagara Children’s Centre is recognized throughout the Niagara Region as the provider of rehabilitation and support services to children and youth up to age 19 with physical, developmental and communicative delays and disabilities. Their core services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services, augmentative and alternative communication, family services and therapeutic recreation.

Sunday, October 6 saw a number of runners dressed as superheroes participating in the fifth annual Superhero Run, presented by The Viola-Salter Group. The run, which has been taking place on Brock University’s campus since its inception, is held each year to raise funds for the Niagara Children’s Centre. The funds raised from this year’s run will ensure that the 5,300 children and their families who rely on support from the centre are helped when they need it most.

Participants were able to choose between three options for the run: a one kilometre fun run/walk with 10 activity stations for children, a two and a half kilometre run/walk or a five kilometre run. This year, tickets to participate cost $20 for adults and $15 for children above the age of two. In addition to the cost of tickets participants were able to make donations towards the achievement of the centre’s financial goal this year. Individuals were also able to take part in a silent auction inside of Isaac’s Bar and Grill with proceeds going directly to the centre.

Prior to the start of the run Oksana Fisher, chief executive officer of the children’s centre, was confident that this year’s run would be one for the history books.

“This is one of our most important fundraisers,” said Fisher. “[The Superhero Run] had about 100 people the first year and raised about $10,000 and it has just grown. We initially set our goal at $60,000, we are for sure going to meet $70,000 and by the end of today, hopefully, we will be able to say that we exceeded that amount.”

According to the Niagara Children’s Centre, over $80,000 was raised by over 1,000 participants. The number of participants increased by 20 per cent over last year’s total and with that increase over $10,000 more in support funding was raised.  Every year the centre tries to increase the number of children it supports and that is only possible through continued support from the organization’s sponsors and community members who take part in their fundraising initiatives.

Interested individuals who desire to learn more about the Niagara Children’s Centre, their upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and donation links are encouraged to visit their website, niagarachildrenscentre.com. Brock’s Student Life and Community Experience team helps facilitate events such as the Superhero Run on campus and can be engaged with to find similar opportunities in the future.

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