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Photo Credit: The State News

Photo Credit: The State News

Each week when I sit down to write my editorial, there are a number of things that cross my mind that could be worthy of 600 or so words. Admittedly, there are some weeks where my mind draws a blank and 600 words seems more daunting than the 10-page essay for that Music in Popular Culture class. So, this week, I’m going to try something a little different. Sort of like the Sunday notes from Steve Simmons, I’m going to touch on a few subjects. Here we go.

Thanksgiving is an important time, regardless of how you celebrate (or don’t celebrate). Even if your family doesn’t do a big dinner or invite other friends or family over, (hopefully) you don’t have to work on Monday, and that means a three day weekend. You don’t have to sit around a table to be able to express what you’re thankful for. Reach out to some people in your life who you are grateful to have, stay connected with family, even if you don’t get to see them this weekend — just call them up for a conversation. Take some time for self-reflection, too. Would you say that you are happy with your life right now? Are you doing everything you can to live the life you envisioned for yourself? Reflect on you and where you are in terms of becoming who you want to be. It can also be a great weekend to get outside and enjoy the simple, natural elements of life. Take advantage of what will hopefully be a beautiful fall weekend and go for a walk, go outside and play a pick-up game of hockey or football (or anything). Take time to enjoy life.

Photo Credit: Cottage Life

Photo Credit: Cottage Life

The federal election is Monday, October 21 (for those of you who may not have known). I know a lot of people who don’t vote, because they say it doesn’t matter or it’s pointless. Well, whatever conspiracy theories you may have worked up in your head, I think it’s still important to go vote. How will you ever know that all the votes get counted and nothing slips through the cracks? Well, I guess you can’t ever truly know, but that shouldn’t stop you from voting. There are plenty of ways you can vote, according to elections.ca. You can vote on election day, on advanced polling days, at an Elections Canada office or vote by mail. Not having time or forgetting isn’t an excuse — get out and vote.

Our staff all discuss how they approach reading week and the balance between spending time on courses and spending time with family or time for themselves. While I won’t touch too much on that subject, because there are plenty of different approaches for you to read through, I will say this — your reading week and everyone else’s reading week probably looks a lot different. Your courses may all have midterms the week you get back, or you may have them all before the week off begins. You may have assignments to do, you may have papers to write — or maybe you’re already looking ahead to final exams. It’s your reading week, you have to use it the best way possible for your health and well-being.

Alright, I miss writing Sidelines right about now, so I’m going to delve into some sports for a few sentences (or paragraphs) here. There are some college football analysts who are being really stubborn. Ohio State is still sitting outside of the top four rankings for a lot of people, and it doesn’t make any sense to me. I get that Alabama is a powerhouse, I don’t disagree with that or them being in the top four. I know Clemson is the reigning national champion, but the Florida State and Auburn fans of the world could probably tell you being the reigning champ doesn’t mean squat. It’s a brand new season. Now, Clemson is good, but barely escaping North Carolina? It’s fun to see Mack Brown’s post-game victory dances, but the Tar Heels aren’t spectacular. And sure, Clemson has had close games in the past few years and still gone on to win it all, but they surely aren’t a number one team right now. Neither is Alabama. Georgia’s win over Notre Dame is impressive, and I’d argue they’ve been more impressive than Clemson and Alabama. My top four right now, based on wins over ranked teams and total defence/total offense would be: Ohio State (1), Georgia (2), Alabama (3) and Clemson (4). I can’t put LSU in my top four yet, their win over Texas was good, but the true test for them is this Saturday night at home against Florida, who had an impressive win over Auburn. With Cincinnati’s win over UCF, the Ohio State win over Cincinnati looks much more impressive. The Buckeyes defence has been stellar, and Justin Fields has shown he is the real deal. For OSU, though, it’s likely it’ll take until the end of the regular season for people to show their true beliefs of the Bucks.

-Isabelle Cropper

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