Editorial: costumes are not a platform

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

Photo by Conner Baker on Unsplash

With Halloween coming up on Thursday, there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for Brock students, as well as many others, to attend various costume parties. While dressing up may be something many people still see as something that is reserved for kids, there are plenty of university and college students, as well as adults, who attend their fair share of costume parties fully dressed up. Though it may seem like it doesn’t need to be said, I saw a costume the other day that just reiterated what we all need to be reminded of each year: dressing up for Halloween is not your platform.

It’s your job as a human being to be conscious of what you decide to wear to a costume party. Many people don’t realize that the costumes they wear or have worn in the past are culturally insensitive. Ignorance is no excuse. When in doubt, just go with another costume idea.

The idea of wearing a costume for Halloween was something that was exciting when you were a kid, and for adults who attend a costume party here and there, the more creative your costume, the more people tend to like it and the more fun it is for you. Creativity doesn’t mean lacking sensitivity.

Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the greatest costumes — whether you choose a profession, a Disney character, a hot dog condiment (or hot dog itself) — you can still go all out and look awesome without having to tap into insensitive ideas. Choosing a Halloween costume that doesn’t appropriate other cultures is simply being respectful.

To cap off my article, I’m going to go through some costumes I’ve seen in the past that were insanely creative and awesome.

I’m a type 1 diabetic, and one year I ran across a duo-costume where one person was a test strip and the other wore a ton of red balloons over a red morph suit as “blood” that goes into the test strip. Maybe that doesn’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t know someone with diabetes — but if you do — you’ll probably get a good laugh out of that, and maybe even be inspired.

This year I’ve seen a lot of people using the “No Name” brand. Simply wearing yellow and labelling different things that they’ve worn (i.e., “no name shirt”). Original. Canadian. Humour. Who would have thought you could have a grocery store inspired costume?

With Toy Story 4 being such a hit this summer, the Toy Story costumes have definitely made a comeback. Every photo I’ve seen of a Buzz, Woody or Jessie are all unique in their own way — it’s still cool to pull off a great Disney character.

Just keep in mind, costume parties are great, don’t ruin them by being ignorant and insensitive.

-Isabelle Cropper

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